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This site is devoted to those that want more information about the TRUTH. We are not scholars but we have spent some time trying to eliminate man’s tradition from Biblical teaching.  We have no “Hidden Agenda”.  We don’t have this site to make money.  We just believe the information we find needs to be told.

We post some in-depth studies of verses and even break some verses down to show how word variations have misled our understanding due to some translation errors.  We even uncover some verses that were added to our Bibles in the last 1000+ years that were never there originally.  We are trying to get YHVH’s message to the people that want to hear. Our ultimate goal is to provide things that are not often taught inside a Church. If you have years of religion, you will have to keep an open mind.  We teach and do things much different than what most people are taught.  Through our research we have found that we have all been misled by centuries of inaccurate teachings.  You may ask how can so many be wrong and how can this site be right?  Take a look at our studies with an open mind and see what you think.  We were just like the rest of mainstream Christianity until we opened up our Bibles and realized the message is far different from what we were being taught.  We are believers in YHVH.  We are also believers that we should follow HIS commands and precepts as a way of showing obedience to HIM.  In the scriptures HE commands that we are supposed to be different than everybody else and separate ourselves from society.  We believe doing things HIS way is the only way and that 2000+ years of  human theology and ideology teachings has transformed HIS sacred text and its message.  We are often persecuted by other Christians for doing things they believe are Jewish like celebrating a Feast Day instead of a man-made Holiday.  We take our persecution from our friends, family, and others we don’t even know as a reminder we are doing the right thing as mentioned here (2 Timothy 3:12-15).  We remind everybody around us that persecution will come and when it does we should take joy in it (Matthew 5:12).  From the time we started learning this to now, the blessings have completely outnumbered the persecutions.

Please take the time to read what we have found and then be like a Berean and research for yourselves.  We should never accept any doctrine or teaching that doesn’t come from HIM and that can’t be shown to us in scripture.  We are not a “sacred name” movement but you will notice we use some of the sacred names when referring to Biblical people.  We love to learn, and to us, learning the sacred names is interesting.  Many people don’t know the Original names of Yeshua or the other people in the Bible but by reading our studies you will get a good grasp of them and the meanings behind them.  We must always remember as believers that anything we are told is Biblical we have a duty to compare it to scripture.

“Always Learning”
Biblical Truth

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7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Andrew

    Hmm, stumbled on this site on Shabbat and must say I am intrigued. Do you have a Facebook page, or someway I can receive notifications, etc.?

  2. joni a linn

    Hello friends. I am super excited about this sight. I happened upon it while looking up the meaning of the word Deuteronomy. After reading your “about us” I can say I’m on the same page. People make fun of me all the time for not putting up a Christmas tree etc. I think more people need to get back to grass roots you know, our heritage. Say no to all the satanic luciferian hidden agenda nonsense. I do wish you all had an app. Keep up the good work and thank you 🙂

  3. Michael W McNatt

    It is very interesting to me that I come across you at THIS particular time. I am about to embark on a journey through the Bible with a dear friend of mine. Your site may help with that. After all, things happen for a reason. Nothing is by coincidence.

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