Titus 3:8 Do Good Works

<p id=”id_514db3c393d7b3c47232906″>It is often taught that works do not get us anywhere. While works do not save us they are commanded to do and they please HIM.</p> Titus 3:8 Trustworthy is the word, and in this regard I wish you to strongly affirm, that those who have believed in Elohim (God) should keep their minds on maintaining good works. This is good and profitable to men.

Remember. We are saved by Grace alone but this doesn’t mean we don’t have to follow his commands and do good works all the time. The Grace vs Law all started with a man name Ignatius of Antioch.  He wrote in his letter to the Magnesians: around 100 A.D.

<em>“Let us not be persuaded by strange teachings, nor by fables that have no truth in them. If we still live by the Jewish law we confirm that we have not received grace; the old is gone and all has been renewed. For if we are still living in accordance with the Jewish law and it’s circumcision of the flesh, then we deny that we have received grace. All then who have been brought up under the old have to come to a new hope and therefore no longer keep the Sabbath, but the day of the Lord.”</em> <div>

This folks is where it all started. Grace vs Law, Christianity vs Jews. As knowlegable as Ignatius of Antioch might have been he has one HUGE error in his letter. The Torah (Law) that he spoke of was never and still isn’t JEWISH. It is Yahweh’s Torah given to Mosheh (not a Jew) for our benefit. This teaching of Ignatius of Antioch (aka Theophorus) has held strong for over 1900+ years.

Note:  the word Day at the end of that verse was incorrectly translated as late as the 19th Century. The end of that sentence is correctly translated as “living according to our Lord’s life”.

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