Genesis 1:29-30 Plants and Fruits that are allowed

Genesis 1:29-30 And Yahweh said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food. 30 And to every beast of the earth and to every bird of the heavens and to everything that creeps on the earth, everything that has the breath of life, I have given every green plant for food.” And it was so.

Notice that in the beginning of the verse Yahweh says “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth and every tree with seed in its fruit”. There are so many levels of discussion here but we are going to stick to just a couple. Later in this verse, notice that HE seems to change and says “I have given every green plant for food” but doesn’t mention it needing to yield seed. Does Yahweh change? Has HE decided one verse later that it doesn’t matter if the plant yields seed or the tree fruit “bears seed” in order for it to be an allowable thing to eat?   Let’s use the scriptures to see if it is possible that  Yahweh changes.

Malachi 3:6 For I am the Lord, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.

Well, there is the answer to that. Yahweh DOES NOT CHANGE. Why doesn’t HE mention it must have seeds the second time then? It is because in verse 30 he is talking about what animals can eat.  They are given every green plant.  If HE already established which plants we can and can’t eat, then there is no need for HIM to repeat Himself on this issue over and over again. If we know the green plant or fruit must yield seed, then we know from that point on we are to eat ONLY seed bearing plants and fruits. This was established from the beginning and will continue FOREVER. It will not change. Somehow Yahweh knows what plants are healthy for us. Our guess is that HE was pretty smart.

Now let’s take this into today’s society. There are many fruits and vegetables that are modified to prevent them from producing seeds. This means their yield is sterile. What things you might ask? Anything that a Bio-Tech company has produced in their laboratories is usually a sterile seed bearer; corn being the most common.  As of 11/08/2012, sweet corn is not modified but yellow corn is; it doesn’t stop there.  Almost all HYBRID fruits and vegetables are sterile. This means they may bear the seed but the seed cannot produce another yield; be wary of this. Yes they may have a seed but Yahweh did not intend for us to modify HIS perfect creation. Seedless HYBRID Watermelons are another example. The list goes on and on and it is our duty to know what we are putting in our bodies according to this verse.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from Yeshua? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body,”

HE created our bodies and HE lives inside of us. The Ruach haKodesh lives inside of anyone that has Faith in the Messiah. So think about that every time you are about to put something in your body that HE has commanded we shouldn’t. You are literally feeding our Messiah’s Set Apart Spirit the very food HE commanded we avoid.  This includes stuff like Kelp or Seaweed.  They may seem and look like plants but they do not bear seed.  Why eat anything HE has commanded we don’t?  Why ask why to the Master?  We should just follow HIS commands and throw away the fact that we are taught things are okay to eat now because we are a different culture.  We are not a “different” culture.  We may be different before we come into Faith but once we come into Faith we come into covenant with HIM and we are then all part of HIS Israel.  It is not our place to decide something is okay for us to eat that was commanded to abstain from.  HE wants us to be a “set apart” people.  That is why HE has commands.  HE wants people to instantly know we are believers by how we live .

“Always Learning”
Biblical Truth

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224 thoughts on “Genesis 1:29-30 Plants and Fruits that are allowed

  1. Biblical Truth Post author

    They are “Biblically Clean”. They both bear seeds. Blackberries, Raspberries, and Strawberries have seeds on the outside. That is the hard stuff that gets caught in your teeth.

    Carrots grow flowers which bear seed. Usually you don’t see that because the “root” is the part you eat and the flower grows above ground.

  2. sabrina

    Is spinish and other greens are okay? Are mushrooms okay? Do you have a list? If so can you please post?

  3. Biblical Truth Post author


    Thanks for inquiring. Keep searching and you will find the TRUTH and the TRUTH will set you free.

    Spinach is okay and it is seed-bearing. Mushrooms are not. Mushrooms are FUNGI. They grow in “DARKNESS”, that should be warning enough. Fungi, like mushrooms, are not seed-bearing. Seaweed is a micro-organism and does not grow on land and is not seed-bearing. The Bible tells us that anything that grows in water is clean to eat as long as it has fins and scales. They have to have both.

    Do not just think all “Kosher” items are okay as they do eat unclean foods because they believe some things like Seaweed to be green and bearing seed.

    All you have to do is research to make sure the plant grows in soil on land, not in the ocean/water, and it has to be seed-bearing. Carrots are seed-bearing as the leafy green part that grows above the ground produces the seeds.



  5. Biblical Truth Post author

    Thank you for the reply. We truly appreciate your comments and we are happy you found our research helpful to you.

    Shalom (Peace)
    Biblical Truth

  6. Pat

    WOW! my family and friends think i am weird for keeping biblical food guidelines- this change has been recent and everyone is bombarding me with their doctrine but G-D has allowed me to stay strong. In my prayers time I was told to eat like Daniel then a few days latter he confirmed this two times, once with a elderly lady that i went to visit (which by the way i hadn’t seen her in in about 5 yrs – i wasn’t even sure she was alive when i went to look for her) and the other with a my bible study leader, on different dates and locations (and they don’t know each other!) and was told again to eat like Daniel (and the reason why) because bitter times are coming to the world. I guess G-D is preparing a lot of Daniels for others to see our G-D.

  7. rey jesus

    Doesnt the bible say …its not what you put in your mouth that makes you unclean but what comes out of your mouth. Because what comes out of the mouth comes from the heart.

  8. Clarissa

    I read your article on Dietary Law and found it very intriging. Thank you putting this info on the web. I have really enjoyed the readings and believe me I am interested in how i can have some info sent to me daily or so. I have a question however; I was reading and I was just wondering about potatoes. I mean they grow out of the ground but, I am not sure that it came from seeds. I know that they have to grow in dark areas.(under ground). My question is: Are potatoes considered good or bad? and while on that how about sweet potatoes? Again, thanks for posting this information i really have to remember to read some facts and subjects again on this website. May GOD continue to Bless you always.
    Clarissa Norman

  9. Mark

    I can’t wrap my head around reishi mushroom tea or chaga mushroom tea not being clean for us. I understand your point and scripture doesn’t lie, but how can something so good with so many health benefits be unclean? Reishi and chaga are known to fight and rid cancer. I find myself taking reishi during stressful times and it helps with sleep tremendously.

  10. Fritzwilliam

    BIBLICAL TRUTH is a contradiction in terms. It’s an oxymoron, as is Christian School, Christian Education, Spiritual Guidance and any number of similar contrivances.

  11. Glenn Miller

    Food For Thought.

    I’m on your website because I, too, am searching. First of all I want to thank you for tackling this subject and trying to answer our questions using Scripture.

    I’m not convinced that either kelp, seaweed, or mushrooms are not Biblically clean. First of all mushrooms and seaweed do have a “zerah” the Hebrew word for “seed”. Just because English has another word, “spore” does not mean that a spore is not a “Zerah”. Zerah is all encompassing and also means “offspring”, “descendants”, “sperm” …. the seed of human/man. We know we can’t eat the zerah/seed of man. Man is not food…… but …. how do we know that mushrooms or seaweed are not food?

    The only plant that I’m aware of that the Bible says not to eat is the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. I don’t know which fruit that is…. there’s much speculation…. maybe a fig??? …..since Adam and Chava next covered themselves in a fig leaf.

    Master Yahuweh Elohim gave all the seed bearing plants to mankind. I know that there are some that are poisonous to eat, but they may be good for us as using an extraction or small amount in curing diseases. Maybe… probably.

    When I read that we must eat only fish with scales and fins….. I think He’s referring to fish….. animals of the sea ….. not sea vegetables or kelp or seaweed. I know that sea vegetables are a photosynthetic plant that changes sunlight into oxygen…… just as land plants.

    How about yeast? Does yeast have a seed? Are we to abstain from bread and pizza and all things made with yeast? I do abstain, but only during the Feast of Unleavened Bread after Pesach/Passover.

  12. Biblical Truth Post author


    We received your information on the word seed from the Hebrew word zerah. We know that Rabbinical Judaism allows Seaweed, Kelp, and Mushrooms to be eaten. We have not fully researched the information you have provided but we will.

    We believe that over time YHVH reveals more and more to us. With our current scientific knowledge that Seaweed and Kelp are living microorganisms, we abstain from them. As far as mushrooms go we know Rabbinical Judaism recognizes the spores as outside seeds. We just struggle with knowing the Truth, scientifically speaking, and not abstaining from them.

    Maybe your zerah research can help. Do you have any articles on it?

    Yeast naturally occurs in the air so you can’t avoid that. From our current research, Yeast isn’t the only issue during Passover/Feast of Unleavened as much as Leavened products are.

    Biblical Truth

  13. Rose

    Some people obviously have never had a garden and seen spinach, carrots, radishes, lettuce – to name a few plants – go to seed. It’s time we do some research and learn how things grow so we can know what to eat. Food doesn’t originate in nice little bunches or packages at the supermarket.

    Oh, and the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is most likely not among us anymore. It was a one-time tree for a one-time test with a special fruit and then God removed and perhaps even destroyed it. Each tree grows its own kind of fruit, so why would it be a fig or an apple – we still have figs and apples.

    By the way, when I heard about the mushroom issue a few weeks ago, I wondered if that’s why I hadn’t bought any for several months prior. I shall not be eating mushrooms again. And the whole issue with seedless fruit is something else for us vegetarians and fruit-lovers who want to eat as God intended.

    Thanks for the article (old but timely).

  14. Biblical Truth Post author

    Bananas have seeds. The most common bananas bought are of the Cavendish variety that have been bred over the years to contain no seeds. The little black dots in the middle of the fruit are immature seeds that can’t reproduce.

  15. Biblical Truth Post author


    We believe that over time YHVH reveals more and more to us. As far as mushrooms go we know Rabbinical Judaism recognizes the spores as outside seeds. We just struggle with knowing the Truth, scientifically speaking, and not abstaining from them. We are not the deciding authoritative figure on mushrooms but using them for medicinal purposes, in our opinion, is different than consuming them as food. The ONLY thing that YHVH said to not even touch or consume is swine. This doesn’t give us the freedom to consume all other things but swine is so detestable to YHVH that YHVH told us to not even touch it. Our current opinion on mushrooms does not allow us to consume them as a food source.

    Hope that helps.

    Biblical Truth

  16. Ebony

    Going back to the original post
    ” It is not our place to decide something is okay for us to eat that was commanded to abstain from. HE wants us to be a “set apart” people. That is why HE has commands. HE wants people to instantly know we are believers by how we live .”

    My question is…as slaves and poor domestic workers, how could they obstain when that was all they had? Chitterlliings, Hog Maw, feet, ears.. they had to slaughter the animals for master and that’s what master gave them to eat. Should they have not eaten and died? Catfish is what was in the fishing ponds and lakes. Should they have starved and not eaten? My grandpa used to pray a prayer over everything that he ate. He was born in 1909 when they were still working for master, and getting the scraps. Only during this time, they had to pay tg hem at least a dollar a week. He would pray, Lord I thank you for this food that we ate about to recieve for the nourishment of our bodies. Bless it, sanctify it, in Jesus’ name, Amen. Did God turn a deaf ears to my grandfather’s prayers because he was eating unclean food ?

  17. Tera

    Potatoes is a very confusing one to understand if it is clean or unclean. I have been doing a lot of research on different things and getting answeres of truth pretty fast. However some say there are seed potatoes, some say the eyes of potatoes are seeds, some say potatoes are cloned by pieces of potatoes. What’s your thoughts on the potato? Clean or unclean?

  18. Kiley

    Thank you for this information! I haven’t been able to find much about mushrooms being allowed or not allowed, but I feel like the Father has been convicting me lately every time I eat them, so I’m starting to agree with you on this. What is your current understanding about Kombucha? In case you’re not familiar, it is a fermented tea, using a “scobi,” which is in my opinion is similar to a mushroom, because I believe it is considered a fungus. A person wouldn’t actually consume the scobi, but is it bad to consume the tea after the scobi has been soaking in it for several days?

  19. Yisrael

    Great post!!
    If vegetable plants you can buy in store dont specify they are heirloom does that mean they are hybrids?
    Does the soil become defiled that a hybrid plant was growing in or can it be reused?
    The bible says mixing seed is forbidden so Im assuming mixing pollen is also?

  20. Rashon

    Are bananas considered an abominable fruit? Sorry for the simple question.. this is my first time trying to really keep laws n I’m struggling with the dietary law. Please help.

  21. Rashon

    Just read about bananas… Sorry lol. Another question I have is about the meats… What exactly is safe and what do I stay away from. Everything is processed now n days also are FRIED foods like chicken n white fish forbidden…? Again sorry for the idiotic questions, but I really need help on this thing.

  22. Sarah

    How is fish acceptable to eat? It doesn’t say anywhere that we were designed or created to eat it.

  23. TB

    Jesus Christ, who came in the flesh, died for our sins and blood washes us clean. The pigs are clean because his blood washed the animals (the sheet from Acts 10). Did you want to become a Jew or a Gentile again? Who has turned you? Were you ever one of us? Please remember the sacrifice that occurred and pray for deliverance from the devil.

  24. Biblical Truth Post author

    Not all things YHVH made are good to eat or consume. We would venture to say that some things HE created are forbidden. One can try to twist Scripture to fit their motive but in reality that is only self-serving and not aligned with HIS intentions.

    Ephesians 5: 14. Therefore it is said: Awake you who are asleep and arise from the dead, and the Mashiyach will illuminate you. 15. See therefore, that you walk with spiritual knowledge; not like the simple, 16. But like the wise who purchase their opportunity; because the days are evil. 17. Therefore, do not lack in understanding; but understand what is the will of Elohim. 18. And don’t be drunk with wine in which is rebellion; but be filled with the Spirit. 19. And converse with yourselves in psalms and hymns; and with your hearts sing to Master YHWH in spiritual songs. 20. And give thanks to Elohim the Father at all times for all men in the name of our Master Y’shua the Mashiyach.

    Sobriety is key and that doesn’t limit us to wine only.

    Always Learning
    Biblical Truth

  25. Jennifer

    Hi I so appreciate this website. I grew up keeping the laws of clean and unclean foods, however, it wasn’t until recently that I was told mushrooms were biblically unclean. Now I am struggling with that because I have been going thru cancer and read a study on the Reishi mushroom and the incredible effects on ridding the body of cancer cells. Help!!!!

  26. Carmen

    Carrots will go to seed if allowed to grow. We pull them and eat the root before the tops go to seed.
    Berries also have seeds, usually on the outer skin of the fruit. Strawberries are the easiest to see I think. Raspberries are also very seedy.
    However, mushrooms seed themselves via spores and seaweed also has seed structures as well as spreading via root system.

  27. chris

    we are to eat only things that bear seeds…we are not to harm or kill. it used to be we would poop outside thereby spreading the plant to other places now we have sewage. we are not condemned for our diet but the closer we come to the father the more he shows us. we are in god god within us he allows all things. the further we stray the more painfull the return. the world is sick the masses feed from the golden trouff full of dead flesh and poison. there is much love in the world cling to family and friends go inward and ask for the fathers guidance. i assure you that christ was vegan. mercy love life bringer. these things are not as much rules as they are guidance ask for wizdom and forgiveness everyday he made you the way you are and you will be better as you reach your full potential. he knows what world you are in and will guide you if you ask.

  28. Biblical Truth Post author

    We venture to say that eating mushrooms as a food source or using mushrooms to cure cancer are not the same. We believe that YHVH (God) would prefer you to live over abstaining from mushrooms for medicinal purposes. Swine on the other hand is different in our opinion as we aren’t to touch it even.

  29. Biblical Truth Post author

    Your comment is incorrect and misleads those who don’t know the Truth. We sent you an email explaining Acts verse where Peter had a vision. Even Peter admits later in the verses that his vision was about touching Gentiles rather than eating unclean meat.

    “Always Learning”
    Biblical Truth

  30. Biblical Truth Post author

    YHVH (God) says that all fish in the water that have fins and scales are clean to eat for us in Deuteronomy 14:9.

  31. Elaine Gray

    Pigs were never declared FOOD in the beginning . YHVH told us what food is. The rest is not and never will be food.
    He DOES NOT change. He said pig is an abomination . Shrimp and shellfish are garbage eaters also. The reason our oceans are polluted is because people eat all the shellfish and there is nothing left to clean the oceans. When we EAT THEM, we are eating the toxins they eat.
    YHVH gave us the dietary law for our health. Why do so many people fight Him??
    I understand, I was once there.
    People will not understand what it means to Walk As He Walked until they understand who they are in Him.
    Watch 119 Ministries. THE LOST SHEEP and
    Passion For Truth…. IDENTITY CRISIS
    Until you understand, you will just think nothing applies to us and only to the Jews. Not so!

  32. Elaine Gray

    Oh, and if you READ a few verses further, that verse in acts about the sheet coming down will be EXPLAINED to you. People like to take ONE verse and change it to what they want it to mean for them. You need to read before and after a bit.

  33. Elaine Gray

    Read Lev. 11:1-12 particularly . Then read the whole chapter.
    If people that don’t know what the Bible says, you can always google what you want to know and then look it up. Pray for the truth to be shown to you.

  34. Elaine Gray

    Good excuse… not everything is good. Would you go and eat Poison Oak? Maybe.
    Read 1Thess. 5:6 and 1st Peter 1:13. I don’t believe smoking pot would fit into this category.
    Come on. What He commands us is very serious. It is no joke as people will see one day. This is sad to me with attitudes like this.

  35. Elaine Gray

    Ummm I read in Lev 11 where He tells us what kind of meat we can eat.
    As far as killing, we are not supposed to murder. He is not talking about animals as He commanded that many animals were KILLED in sacrifice . There is however a humane way to do it and many evil people are abusive.
    YHVH did command armies to go in and wipe out men , women , children and animals when they went into the land although they did not follow that sometimes and brought troubles on themselves.
    The best thing to do is start at the beginning and read to the end of the Word.

  36. nm

    About the root vegetables like carrots/potatos… should we be eating the tops that are “on” the ground as some translations say? And not what is below the ground which can be left for incredible soil/compost?

  37. Jonas

    @Biblical Truth, pssst, Mushrooms is called ‘Manna’ in the Scripture, look it up =)

  38. carrol anne

    I’ve heard somewhere that we should only eat food that grows above the ground. is there any truth to this ???

  39. Seeking Truth

    What about seaweed, seamoss, irish moss, bladderwrack, chlorella, spirulina, algae and other things we have been told are healthy?

  40. Biblical Truth Post author

    Yes, lettuce is clean to eat. It bears seeds. In fact, lettuce doesn’t cross pollinate so if you save the seeds you will get the same plants and the parent plant.
    Thank you for checking out our website.

    Biblical Truth

  41. Biblical Truth Post author

    We currently believe it shouldn’t be used as a source of food. Microorganisms are not considered plants. We aren’t sure about using them for health purposes but our current position as we don’t seem harm in it.

    Thanks for checking out our site.

  42. A

    What are your thoughts on dairy? I’ve taken biblically unclean foods out of my diet for about a year & a half now. (Except for a vitamin that I didn’t realize contained gelatin until recently, so I’ve stopped taking it.) Anyhow, I was convicted to stop dairy about six months ago. I know it’s considered clean or kosher, but after learning about the horrors of the dairy industry, I no longer feel right about it. The artificial insemination aspect of it I found disturbing and abusive to the cows. Then the young are taken from their mothers at birth, the males killed or sent off to be made into veal. The milk intended for them is stolen for human consumption. The whole thing is emotionally and phsyically abusive to the animals. I can’t think that Our Creator made them to be used in this way. It would be one thing if the cows were naturally pregnant, and their young kept with them as long as they needed to be, and the excess milk used for human consumption, but the dairy industry of today does not work that way at all. I know the bible talks about a land flowing with milk and honey. Could this be referring to a plant milk, like almond, coconut etc? There are many plant based dairy alternatives I have found to be just as good since going dairy free.

    One other thing – are other root vegetables besides carrots okay? Turnips, ruttabages, garlic, etc.

    Thank you!

  43. Frank

    Hey I find this all interesting and I can see how mushrooms maybe shouldn’t be eaten- what is your feeling on yeast?

  44. Biblical Truth Post author

    Our current understanding is that Yeast is naturally occurring and is what raised their bread on the window sills back during the original days. We hope that answers what you are inquiring about.


  45. Biblical Truth Post author

    Can you send us something showing that? We’ve always thought of it differently.

  46. Paul

    Great insights! Stay the course! Sola Scriptura. Interpretations are of course accepted, of course, in cases where benefits abound for human health! Shabbat Shalom!

  47. Sandra

    Hi so we can’t eat bread? What kind do bread do you thinly god allows us to eat? Or tortillas?

  48. Sandra

    Maybe.. he’s trying to say that.. just because your eatting clean.. doesn’t mean that, it will make you holy all at once. It’s also about what you declare and say with your mouth.. because it had the power of life or death. So if your eatting clean but not talking and declaring things that bring life.. eating clean won’t resllt save you?

  49. Biblical Truth Post author

    Three parts to this post. 1st He is saying what can eat. 2nd He is showing He won’t change His mind on this. 3rd He is telling us that a Temple is Holy and we wouldn’t do something to make it unholy so through belief in Him, our body is a Temple and we should strive to keep it Holy.

  50. Biblical Truth Post author

    That is between YHVH and the swine eater to decide. John 14:15 would be a good verse to cover your question. If you are seeking salvation through what you eat you aren’t on the right path. Taking this in account, eating Swine is forbidden according to the Scriptures and we are warned to avoid it.

  51. Sharon

    I’m glad you published this article. I didn’t quite understand what Genesis 1:29 meant (I’m new to the Bible). I’m learning! So, if man has genetically modified something that no longer produces seed (like corn), we aren’t supposed to eat it? I was thinking I read in the Bible that we aren’t supposed to eat anything that is cross-bred (like 2 different kinds of fruits or vegetables). That’s how I found this article. I was sitting here and suddenly, I felt like God wanted me to do research on our food. I’m addicted to sugar (I mean a REAL addiction). I’ve prayed to begin eating better, if that’s what God wants. Apparently, He does. And, I’m not craving sweets as much the last couple of days. Now, I’m considering fruits and vegetables. Thank you, Jesus. Anyway, can we eat potatoes? The yellow potatoes were my fav, but I already stopped buying those. After a little research, I found out they are man made (two different seeds were cross-bred). I guess we aren’t supposed to eat lettuce, either. Do you have a complete list of what is acceptable and unacceptable to God? If not, I’ll research things (prob will, anyway). I must say, it makes me happy to see others in the world, trying to obey God. Sadly, most people are against God. Thank you and may God bless you.

  52. Victor

    You can eat spelt bread or sourdough bread that has no yeast. Or you can make your own bread or tortilla at home like I do. I do flax seed and coconut tortilla.

  53. April

    A few verses later Peter understands his vision and explains that man has been made clean…not the unclean animals. Be sure to read the whole chapter for truth. The Bible does not contradict itself, and what you suggest would be a contradiction of grand proportion. Blessings

  54. Sharon Ellis

    I’ve heard people go on the Wormwood diet because it kills parasites. Is wormwood okay to eat?

  55. Lisa

    Cancer is not in the Bible other than as an illness. Applying The Word of God through prayer-declarations-and decrees, the laying on of hands by elders that are walking with the Lord, are how the Bible implies to heal cancer…and other sicknesses and disease. Plus casting out demons and relenting for our sins or standing in the gap for someone and asking they be forgiven for their sins.

    Teas are not needed. It’s an imitation-illusion of what is healing the cancer. Kind of like a false prophet…only God can heal, nothing outside of Him possesses the power to heal.

    Our choices can help us not come into alignment with the enemy and open doors to those things.

    These are my shares and beliefs to date. Please compare anything I say with the Bible, and do not take my word for it. God bless your asking questions.

    The only thing that can heal the cancer is the Power of The Holy Spirit.

  56. Zachary

    Curious about coffee, tea, and cocoa. Also, could you please say how it is you’re so sure about keeping God’s dietary plan while so many others do not. I am aspiring to be healthy for God so I agree with you on this. Just surprised that so many others want to eat unhealthy foods and somehow stamp it with God’s approval. Thx and blessings from God

  57. Jennifer

    For the bread – Ezekiel 4:9. I’ve eaten clean and healthy most of my life but recently I’ve made the switch to all organic/non-GMO and make sure to read the labels because of the hidden ingredients. It’s unbelievable the amount of chemical and additives and junk that we eat in food. I honestly feel great eating the Creator’s diet. Before I felt bloated and tired and crabby and sluggish and just not right after meals. Isn’t it amazing that it’s laid out this clear and concise in the Bible as to what we should and shouldn’t eat? That long ago and He knew what was coming. I don’t understand how people can’t believe it.

    If you haven’t tried cauliflower rice in your recipes yet, you’re missing out 🙂

    I’ve been doing a ton of research on food and food companies and it’s overwhelming and horrifying what you find out and even worse that people don’t care. I think it’s a plot between companies like Monsanto and pharmaceutical companies to keep making millions by making people sick and keeping it that way. Satan has a tight grip on this world.

  58. lessons

    what about beet? also not all fish are clean..tuna & salmon are unclean!! Don’t be fooled, they don’t have scales..alot of fishes don’t have scales, we have been lied to

  59. Jensen riley

    All of the fruits are sterile because people intervened with Gods creation. They cross hybridized fruits and vegetables with plants without any nutritional value depleting the genetics of the plant the more they cross breed it. Don’t quote me but God says in genesis that goes a little something like “all of the creations are done!” Not all the creations are ready for man to alter them. Do some research of Dr.Sebi(do not buy his herbals they have been taking over by government since his death and they alter everything and it serves no purpose look for high alkaline fruits, vegetables and herbs). He cured 77 different people and testified against the U.S. Supreme Court for practicing medicine without a degree and won by bringing in people who got diagnosed by one doctor with either blindness, hiv, cancer, and just about any other disease or disability that we didn’t know there was a cure for and had physical evidence from paper work diagnosing the person of an illness to a different certified doctor verified that it’s cured and they no longer have the illness By consuming non-hybridized high alkaline fruit in vegetables and herbs that can yield seed. In my opinion he wouldnt empathize on the seed of it doesn’t produce considering all the research we know today about alkaline non-hybridized foods. God bless and spread the message to heal like God would want his people to heal! God bless have a wonderful day!

  60. Catrina

    So very wise and true. Only the devil came to steal, kill, and destroy. Good gives and so do the proper plants/fruits. Their seeds contribute to the everlasting life of the plant and are best for our health/ healing. Shalom & Blessings

  61. Davis

    Wrong: sheep head , carp , dog fish , many many others ; have fins and scales and are nasty nasty tasting.
    Mushrooms have spores that function as seeds just very very tiny…..are you excluding penicillin?.. more spores ?????

    Potatos I agree …got to go
    Yams ….got to go

    Cat fish …same

    and yet …..if you starving I doubt god wants you to avoid anything that would keep you alive……
    The prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much.!

  62. K

    The Lord has been placing a prominent push in my heart to begin diving into understanding the Hebrew culture as well as the language. He has shown me that with this understanding, scripture is more revealing in depth than without. I do believe its very important to trace the scriptures back to the roots which are Jewish/Hebrew. It is wise that you’re open to examining again what you understand to be true. I’ve come to understand deeper, clearer truths in God’s Word by simply looking at the roots of His word. So many times things get lost in translation and culture. All the more reason to go to the culture God aimed at from the beginning.

  63. K Good

    The scripture from Acts is often taken out of context. When we read the entire account of the vision of the animals on the sheet, & what takes place immediately after the vision, we see that God is referring to people by using the vision of animals as an example but is not literally talking about animals. This vision was given to Peter to show him not to call any person common or unclean. Peter confirms this after arriving at the home of Cornelius in vs 27-34.

  64. Connie Sanderson

    I want to do the 21 day Daniel Fast. Is is ok to eat sweet potatoes, carrots, onions ,garlic and ginger root? I’m also unsure about salt. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  65. marcus brehmer

    This has been said here, but yes mushrooms are prolifically seed-producing (spores), and apparently have unique and beneficial nutritional and medicinal qualities. Also, they seem to be of more ethical and sustainable nature than most other organisms as they mostly live off of dead matter and are actually responsible for recycling that matter into ingredients that can be used by new organisms. They are exemplary organisms, that provide much, and take very little. Many nutritious mushrooms can be grown off of wastes and byproducts, generating food, and sending the rest of the “waste” well on track to becoming good soil/compost, for plant ecology to proceed in its wake.

  66. Esther

    Searching for Samson’s history in the bible lead me to Judge13 : 4 and from that moment I want to know more…

    Finding this page and reading through comments / discovering list of unclean food like mushroom, seaweed is a eye opener for me

    I can’t describe how pleased I am finding out and know of things I should avoid since I believe my body is a temple of God.

  67. Donna

    This is a good conversation to have. Thank you all for this.

    I know there are so many opinions about eating and not eating, it can be confusing. But I am just wondering, are the dietary laws read differently dependeding on whether someone is Chrisitan or Jewish? Also, I’m thinking about the bible saying that Christ’s coming was a fulfilment of the law. I am doing a herbal medicine course and want to incorporate as much biblical understanding into my approach as possible so it would be good for me to understand this.

    ThanQ in advance of responses

  68. Gary

    Is oatmeal/brown rice part of God’s plan for us to eat? Also, is the Pinto and black bean seed bearing foods that we can eat?

    Thank you for your unique awareness.

  69. Susan

    Yeshua alone saves you by grace when you repent of your sins and accept His sacrifice on the cross for you. This is what secures your eternity with Him. Not the swine free life- take time to study the teachings of Yeshua

  70. Nguyễn, Thuỳ Nga

    Dear Sir or Madame,

    I would think that OUR HOLY ABBA ADONAI Guided me to your Miracle website. I would like to thank you to you for all your meaningful and knowledgable replies.

    Please help to let me know that may we eat PineApple?

    Could you please do a favor for us? Could you please help to write a list of some common Fruits that Human always eat and we even didn’t know that OUR HOLY ABBA LORD ADONAI Did not Allow us?

    I Thank you to you again!

    Sincerely yours,
    Nguyễn, Thuỳ Nga

  71. Believer

    Jesus fed the masses with it and caught and cooked some for the disciples’ breakfast in his resurrected body. Also told disciples where and how to best catch fish with their nets.

  72. Destiny Taylor

    So, yeast is ok? I’ve done some research and discovered that yeast is a fungi but different than mushrooms. It does naturally occur in the air and that is how people in ancient times would rise their bread.

    I have talked to people who make yeast and they described the whole process as using a “yeast seed” and basically feeding it sugary water. I don’t know if the term seed is literal or metaphorical, but I have emailed them about it.

    Yeast can live on living things, for example, human bodies (yeast infection.) It’s naturally occurring on grapes, plants, and certain vegetables I believe?

    Yeast doesn’t just pop up in our bread, it’s also in liquors. I think it would be cool it you guys can do further research on yeast and distinguish it from mushrooms and other plants that don’t grow from seeds. As to not confuse and startle others.

  73. John Koroma

    If what you are saying is true then what about Genesis 1:29 and Psalms 104:14-15. And Malachi 3:6 talks about how the Lord changeth not

  74. John Koroma

    Make sure you use scripture to justify what you are saying so people don’t get confused.

  75. Biblical Truth Post author

    All good.. Yams can actually have seeds if you let them. Coconuts have three different classifications by botanists but one is a seed.

  76. Biblical Truth Post author

    Rabbis classify mushrooms, seaweed, and fungus as edible. We just do some research and post. Not sold on mushrooms or seaweed yet. Coming around on fungus as yeast is a fungus. We don’t think yeast is a good litmus test to allow for mushrooms and seaweed though.

  77. Biblical Truth Post author

    Rabbis classify mushrooms as edible as the spores are considered seeds. Not quite sold on that take yet.

  78. Biblical Truth Post author

    Fins and scales = okay to eat. Potatoes and yams can both produce seeds. And life will always outweigh anything but YHVH has always found a way to get us food.

  79. Biblical Truth Post author

    All good according to Scripture. We do our best to eat clean. Not always easy and it takes asking questions.

  80. JMC 1

    TB, you are so mistaken it is dangerously sad!! You just proved that you do not search the entire scripture or you are just repeating what someone taught you without “fact checking” them! If you read that chapter all the way down to verse 28, you will see that Peter understood that God was not talking about animals but about unclean people!!! In Peter’s day, people and nation’s that were not of Israel were identified as unclean animals. For example, an eagle today represent the USA, a bear represent Russia, etc. So in Acts Ch 10 vs 28, Peter said God revealed to him that he should call “NO MAN” COMMON OR UNCLEAN!!!!! Please do fact checking before you decide to post a comment. Jesus did not suffer bleed and die just to make a filthy pig clean!!!! Also read Isaiah Ch 66. It gives the prophecy about the second coming of Jesus when He destroys the wicked with fire. Do you know who that verse says is among the wicked who will be destroyed???? “Those who are eating swine’s flesh!!!!!” That’s future judgement so that verse proves that pig is ok to eat after the cross!!!

  81. Komaca Glass

    Thank you so much for your insight. I prayed about the sea moss and was led to your site. I appreciate you. Do you have social media platforms. I would live to follow

  82. Hope

    Broccoli and cabbage are man made, so is it right for me to think it is not good to eat them? From what I read potatoes and tomatoes are not good either. Am I right that God doesn’t want us mixing seed? Thank you in advance for your time.

  83. Emma

    Can we eat nuts and seeds, almond and pitaschios are mentioned in the Bible and also aloe Vera , wheres the seed in aloe Vera?

  84. Angela Melendez

    Yahusha was rebuking these men for their ritualistic “washing” NOT prescribed in Torah. Another tradition/teaching of men.

  85. Angela Melendez

    I’ll keep your words in mind the next time I am dying of starvation and it’s either an unclean animal or a family member.

  86. Angela Melendez

    Is 66:17 and Rev. 7:9-14 has your answer for what the Most High will do, you should repent/cease from eating what was and will always be an abomination unto you. He NEVER changes so you should change.

  87. Rebecca

    If they have not been touched by technology and not sterile v.. you can eat them carrots do make seed and berries are full of seeds.. so Yes if there are pure plants and will grow more fruit from the seeds it’s ok … The. Ones in grocery store will not produce fruit if you plant there seed it grow. But produce no fruit.. that’s what he’s talking about….. Plants need to bare fruit each year . An it’s seeds needs to produce fruit for more producing seeds ..

  88. MIke Shellenberger

    Mark 7:17-19

    Mark 7:14–15, Jesus says the following: “‘Listen to me, all of you, and understand: there is nothing outside a person that by going in can defile, but the things that come out are what defile.'”. His disciples fail to understand, so once they are alone with Jesus, they ask him about it, and Jesus elaborates as follows: “Do you not see that whatever goes into a person from outside cannot defile, since it enters, not the heart but the stomach, and goes out into the sewer? … It is what comes out of a person that defiles. For it is from within, from the human heart, that evil intentions come.”[Mark 7:18–21] In the middle of this speech, the author of the Gospel of Mark writes explicitly that in saying these things, Jesus “declared all foods clean”. I’m born again Christian saved 25yrs permanently saved from hell. JESUS CHRIST IS ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN AND THE TRUE MESSIAH. HE DECLARED ALL FOODS CLEAN. I EAT ️, honeycrisp , cosmic crisp , golden , fruit white or red kinda like kiwi. Bell pepper all colors, horseradish but not so hot kind, fried calimari, my health is fine and can’t afford organic foods since they are expensive and don’t last long. Nothing wrong with these foods. Especially fruits and vegetables they are delicious and healthy foods. But do what you want. About bugs I saw that , Katy did, a few other are um no way in hell. Only 2 things I tried from a bug, , honeypot from the gorges on plant nectar its ass end grows to big as red grade. It’s cultivated and Jarred, it’s a way sweeter .

  89. Biblical Truth Post author

    The verse you are quoting about Yeshua declaring all foods clean were not in the original Text. That was added by mankind and most bibles put it in parenthesis so you can differentiate between Yeshua‘s words and man’s words.

  90. Biblical Truth Post author

    Don’t have the resources to create a list but Pineapple is okay to eat and clean. Many resources online with clean and unclean info.

  91. Biblical Truth Post author

    Thanks for the comment. We definitely study the teachings of Yeshua and He definitely NEVER touched Swine as it is sinful. In fact, it’s mentioned all throughout the Sacred Text.

  92. Biblical Truth Post author

    Often a discussion of 50/50. Half say yes and half say no. We don’t eat it because it’s a microorganism.

  93. ShaYah Asha

    OMG Bible Truth,

    THIS WAS AN AMAZING READ. You’re doing an AMAZING JOB answering each question. I’ve shared it with our bible study group and they enjoyed it as well.

    We’ve always been conscious of the meat items but never the other food groups, so this helps so much.

    We do use sea moss and other medicinal herbs for medicinal reasons and I agree And believe that Yah won’t penalize use for that, but I totally respect that it’s not to be used or considered a approved food item.

    I’m so in awe as the time quickly approaches where Yah is preparing His bride for His return.

    This is what I gather from your work here. It’s up to us not to debate but to wake up in this last hour and not to care so much about what we can’t have in this fading world but what we can have in our Savior.

    Just like little children don’t always understand what’s best for them but have to trust that the parental decision was the best decision for them. We have to do and trust the same and even more about our ABBA YAH. He has our best interest at heart.

    I’m so appreciative that He even reminded me of these things that was already that before my very creation.

    So, I don’t debate or even question. Because I’m not that much attached to mushrooms or any other foods to the point of loosing my opportunity to spend eternity with my Father.

    Sometimes you have to think . Is it really about the food or OUR OBEDIENCE!!!

    I will leave with that question wide open!!!

    All Praises to the Most High Yah and all of my woke family. Can’t wait to join you in eternity where our true selves are and will forever will be.

  94. Yahshayah Yisrael

    My better half is a die hard Hebrew Israelite. I am learning the dietary laws (I now obey these laws,) as I am semi new in my awakening to the biblical truth of who we really are according to scriptures…aka Children of Israel (Deuteronomy 28). He’s very thorough because he (we) take (our) faith in YHWH & Yahusha Hamashiach to the core of our being very serious. Yahusha came to fulfill the law NOT to change it. We CANNOT eat anything we want and blame it on the Son of the MASSIAH – who changed NOT. Yahusha would NEVER go over his father and change the Laws. Old covenent = animals were sacrificed and atonement was for the NATION’S of sins …… New Covenent = no more sacrificing law of killing animals – no more ceremonial laws because there is no temple to perform it in. Thats it thats all. The Dietary laws are still in FULL EFFECT. We have got to STOP leaning to our own understanding! To say the actions of Yahusha changed the dietary laws, isn’t this a form of blasphemy? Please correct me if Im wrong.

  95. M.A.S

    Good morning.
    Thank you for this thread. You have patiently and consistently answered may of the same questions.
    I was in the process of ordering Elderberries. When I went to checkout I noticed in the descrition it said something about being magic and witches brew. I googled it of course and still unsure which lead me to this site. I was using it as a health benefit with sea moss.
    Do you have any thoughts concerning this? also what about Seamoss?
    I love God and never want to invite the enemy in willing.
    Grace and peace

  96. Didi

    Not only that. It says he declared all ‘foods’ clean. Not ‘whatever we eat’. Much of what is eaten is not ‘food’, and is, therefore, unclean.

  97. Kharl

    How about coconut? Corn and rice doesn’t bear seeds… How will you explain that? Grains is differ from seeds right?

  98. Niki

    I don’t understand, why you couldn’t create a list. The information that you provided already, seems like you should be able to help those are seeking an answer to a journey that you decided to blog and share.

  99. Shi Yi

    This question is about introgression: take a hybrid plant or a hybrid animal and breed the hybrid back into the parent stock and keep doing this. A while ago I learnt that the domestic chicken is a bird with hybrid origins, although the chicken’s main ancestor is the red jungle fowl, grey, green and Ceylon jungle fowls have also been bred with the red jungle fowl to eventually make the chicken. These jungle fowl species are considered different species and not subspecies, breeding a red JF and a grey JF will create a hybrid offspring that is in most cases infertile. However, in the case females, the female hybrids can be mated back with a purebred red JF male and have offspring. Take the offspring and mate it back in with parent stock again and eventually you get mostly red JF that have some grey JF DNA in them that can produce offspring that can pass off viable seed. Since no gene splicing occurred and since the chicken is a species of bird that’s been domestically bred and kept for over a thousand years, their genome is likely a lot more stable than the F1 gmo plant hybrids that’re sold these days, the chicken will breed true whereas the seeds that the lab made plants produce often tend to degrade or not “breed true.” I’ve heard stories of people “dehybridizing” plants by backcrossing (introgression) the hybrid seeds with pure cultivars in order to stabilize them. Should these back crossed plants and animals still be considered unclean and thus avoided?

  100. S. Al-Haddad

    Notice that Adam and Eve were given permission to eat plants. Permission to kill and eat animals was given only after the flood as there were no plants to eat at that time. For some reason it seems God didn’t make that conditional ( unlit plants grew back). Still, several recent large and long term studies have shown that those populations who ingest less flesh/no flesh live longer and were/are more productive longer than those were meat is a large part of their diets.

  101. Becca

    The Bible does say that those who eat swine are going to be consumed, and that these people are trying to sanctify themselves (or justify their actions), (Isaiah 66:17), but it also says (Acts 17:30) that God winks at our ignorance and doesn’t count it against us, but once we find out what we are doing is wrong, we are to repent (in other words: change our behavior and attitude towards that which is offensive to God)

  102. Becca

    The verse that says that Jesus came to fulfill the law is often used by people to justify breaking the law as they take the word fulfill to mean: “do away with it”, but if you read the verse where Jesus says he came to fulfill and put the phrase “do away with it” in place of the word fulfill, it reads like this:

    Matthew 5:17 KJVS
    Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to “do away with it”.
    (That doesn’t make any sense)

    Also consider the verse where Jesus says he came to fulfill all righteousness…. did that mean he came to ‘do away’ with all righteousness? Or could the word fulfill actually mean ‘to bring more meaning to it” or to “establish”

  103. Nick

    I think Marcus Brehmar pointed the answer out…
    Catfish DONOT have scales, so don’t eat, but what do pigs and catfish have in common, that mushrooms do too?
    They all eat or consume dead or nasty filth, like they are the garbage trucks of nature. So why would our father want us to eat n e thing from a garbage truck? They clean up the areas, also birds of prey like vultures do the same, and we are told in Leviticus to detest them also. Just a thought

  104. Fergy

    Ahh, its so warming to read these comments to actually see people going through the same changes in obedience to the Father.

    Let’s continue striving for set-apartness and pray for our brothers and sisters going through the same hardships (1 Pet 5:9) these changes are harder for some than others.
    But it can be done through the strength of our Savior!

  105. Jennette

    God didn’t intend for man to redo what he has already made perfect, he said a seed reproduce after it’s own kind, these so called brilliant people annoy me trying to be one up on God which want happen on their best day, all they will recreate is confusion and cause our food to be unnatural and taste awful so stop it !!!!!!!!!!

  106. Mike

    Wrong Mark 7:17-19

    Mark 7:14–15, Jesus says the following: “‘Listen to me, all of you, and understand: there is nothing outside a person that by going in can defile, but the things that come out are what defile.'”. His disciples fail to understand, so once they are alone with Jesus, they ask him about it, and Jesus elaborates as follows: “Do you not see that whatever goes into a person from outside cannot defile, since it enters, not the heart but the stomach, and goes out into the sewer? … It is what comes out of a person that defiles. For it is from within, from the human heart, that evil intentions come.”[Mark 7:18–21] In the middle of this speech, the author of the Gospel of Mark writes explicitly that in saying these things, Jesus “declared all foods clean”. We just stay away from poisonous plants and animals I’d never eat ex , , , hawks, falcons, , only I eat are and turkey , pig is fine, , never eat , etc.

  107. Sensation Al

    The subject of CARROTS appeared many times in these comments.
    Many replies have stipulated that carrots grow flowers which produce seeds.

    The general form of the question people are asking is not clearly put.
    I believe people are most concerned that there are many new types of illness, and that “you are what you eat”(which I do not believe is in scripture precisely, however may be reflected in passages regarding the body as a temple)

    Nobody likes too much reading, so I will try to be quick about my response.

    Carrots are not a fruit, and do not have a seed in them.
    Carrots, after I googled the subject, I find are a hybrid.
    There is a passage, which I appear to have lost the reference for, that says “do not eat hybrids”
    Raw carrots healed my eroded duodenum, which was caused by excessive coffee, saturated fatty foods like meatpies and sausage rolls, and nothing healthy, very little fruit.
    I saw a naturopath, a lot, because half of my duodenum had no lining left. (The duodenum is a short part of the digestive tract between the stomach and the small intestine) … It was a G.P who found this after I had a gastro-endoscopy, because I reported sharp pains. The G.P did nothing more, but prescribed things to reduce stomach acid, and told me what to not eat, but he did not have a clue like the naturopath a did because he was old and indoctrinated while the naturopath a were young and freshly trained in the latest stuff.
    These things restored my duodenum, and the pains went away: raw carrot + one raw egg, each morning + slippery elm bark powder + porridge every breakfast. (not all in a bucket stirred together though) …
    The G.P prescribing anti-acids and similar was only going to prolong the condition. I kept eating meatpies and sausage rolls and drinking coffee too.

    If you want to get healthy via diet, because you are what you eat, or because garbage-in-garbage-out, the REAL TRICK IS TO SEE A NATUROPATH, A DIETICIAN, A HOMEOPATH.
    That said, they will not necessarily understand if you want to eat kosher. They might. If kosher is your concern, then keep shopping around until you find a naturopath that understands.
    I am vegetarian now, and the duodenum trouble was many years ago.
    Since going vegetarian, I figured raw carrot was STILL going to be just fine and healthy, but I have listened to my body, and it DOES NOT LIKE THEM.
    It depends a lot on how OLD you are, and what damage you have already done. Recent trips to naturopathy have found me being told, “no, drop the raw carrot now… That was for back then when your duodenum needed to wake up to a hard natural food in order to revive it… Now you should be BOILING the carrots.” – you see, this stuff is NOT all ‘intuitive’ or easy to figure out. The professionals who work in the exact field are the best hope for you, and they will want to know everything you eat, everything about how you feel, and what shape your poo is and what colour your wee is.
    If you restrict your diet in order to be healthier or saner, or in order to not be killing animals or locking up chickens, things often happen like what happened to me where I wasn’t getting enough iron, or vitamin C or vitamin d or zinc.

    Try to find a naturopath COLLEGE, where the students examine you over the course of an hour and a half, where the teachers supervise, where it is a part of their exams for their grades… That’s what I did.
    Doing it on your own is dangerous.
    Doing it with a G.P is very often unrewarding, too, as they tend to give you only 10 minutes of consultation time.
    Naturopathy is not so “alternative” that it is a quack science. Everything they are studying is right up the alley of the neurotic and the worry-wart and the over-sensitive and the allergic and every kind of freak that CARES about what they put into their body.

    Back to the subject of carrots and other hybrids…
    It turns out that a HUGE number of the produce we find at a green-grocer will be a HYBRID.
    The Bible warns against hybrids.
    The Bible finishes genesis 1 with mention of fruit with seed or stone in it.
    Thus, it is fascinating to find that fruits recommended to stroke patients are apricots, pineapple and strawberry, amongst others.
    For a safe bet, go with stone fruit, but not hybrid stonefruit. Nearly all kinds of berries are recommended. Pineapple is delicious, but I am still researching it.
    Remember that G-d’s people were warned that he would not protect them so well in far away places, but only where he had promised them if they kept to his commandments and statutes.
    Much of the context can be considered literally and fundamentally to be about mixing with other cultures, but, many people obviously consider the FOOD.

    Bananas have seed in them, but are hybrids.
    Carrots, as mentioned, also.
    Yellow Corn, definitely is hybrid, and
    Wheat, these days is a really TOUGH hybrid known as SR7 – this in particular is very much worth researching as much as possible … All the world’s wheat was replaced in 2009 by SR7 wheat. It is a hybrid of seven strands of wheat designed to be strong against “Stem Rust fungus” – hence “SR7” … It is the main reason the “gluten free” option appears more and more in the past 10 years (now=2021) … it contains protein molecules that are too tough for our bodies to process properly. Many systemic health problems can arise, and I you asked me, it looks like eventually nearly everyone will be allergic to it after different amounts of time.
    I grew up in wheat-based products and they kept me healthy and gave me plenty of energy. Now I can’t eat them or I get weird symptoms that took 5 years to connect the dots with. There are literally dozens of ways a gluten allergy can appear, and it is mostly affecting the elderly and the weak first… It ALSO affects a LOT of people who have OTHER allergies, eg corn, potatoes, or nuts, or hayfever, bees, or wool, of cats, dogs or mice. You could have gutpain, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, vomiting, itchy hands feet eyes.. headaches, irritability, nervousness, … Just about anything you might only have in the family or be very occasionally susceptible to can be made much worse, and very much more frequent.

    So, that’s ONE of the big problems.
    The wheat.

    The corn is what is most often fed to livestock, so even if you go totally gluten-free with breadstuffs, it seems it can still get to you through the butcher.
    Every other brand of nearly anything has some wheatflour in it, and this is often one of the worst for setting off allergic symptoms, being even on cornchips, I found recently. Then, most confectionery seems to use a variety of glucose called “wheat glucose” – made from wheat – and this also is setting off a lot of peoples’ weird symptoms.
    The G.P will be able to give you a test for gluten allergy and all they will tell you is if you are “celiac” or not… If you are celiac that means you can DIE from gluten… It was only discovered in WW2 when bread was dropped to the French … And it is very rare. The g.p will probably tell you that you can eat gluten and wheat, and wheat glucose, but that is because they are for “general practition” and they are meant to keep people with sore feet from going to psychiatrists and to keep people with headaches from going to the podiatrist. Otherwise, they can be a total waste of time unless you have the flu or a broken leg.

    Finally, back to the subject of hybrids in general,
    Googling things like this can be effective sometimes, and other times not…
    For example, I found that searching with “hybrid mitzvah” found no end of results on how to host a “hybrid bar mitzvah” but nothing about the 613 mitzvah and the eating of hybrids.

    If you care about this subject – what the Bible says to eat – you are DEFINITELY in a minority, a really small minority.
    This is partly because Jesus said you can eat whatever someone else is eating and to worry more about what you do or say or think.
    However, there are those of us who will NOT eat pork, or kidneys, or brains, or eyeballs… And plenty of people know about peanut allergies – and you don’t need any religion to have a peanut allergy…
    So… I think Jesus was rushed a bit. And it would appear he ate whatever was made for him visiting people’s houses, and maybe he was able to do that, but some people can just DIE if they eat what their neighbour eats.
    Possibly, there is a catalyst. Possibly, there may be something we are doing wrong, by the Bible or without it, which makes some people allergic to some foods, but I think if we all stuck to the ancient rules we’d find we are better off by not mixing cultures… if we all followed this as the main tactic, there’d be no corn in western society, no tomatoes causing diverticulitis and no peanuts causing anaphylaxis.
    And… Wow… did I just forget all about COVID FOR AN HOUR??!!
    (Obviously bat soup and pangolin pie were forbidden. And now nobody wants to talk about it??!! By the way, I don’t think I will be back here to this site to see the replies. )

  108. Shawn Perry

    Excuse me, what?! Why would seaweed be un-kosher? As long as it is cleaned properly to remove any small bugs, same as what must be done to kale or other greens plants in air, in water, or anywhere else. There is nothing in the Torah that claims greens like spinach, lettuce, kale, or seaweed are not kosher. If you find a reliable resource that cites the Torah about this, do let me know. smadanwatts@gmail

  109. Shawn P. A. S.

    “Yes they may have a seed but Yahweh did not intend for us to modify HIS perfect creation” This is FALSE. Hashem, the one g-d, does want us to have an ACTIVE PART in it’s creation (I use the word it instead of his or hers, because obviously GD is without gender or physical form). Gd wants us to be happy and healthy and to follow the divine laws, while being PARTNERS with it in creation; Gd is above us but also intertwined into our lives and is expressed through the physical world, people, love, etc. S.P.A.S. Laws&Love

  110. Biblical Truth Post author

    We didn’t state seaweed wasn’t kosher because kosher are the laws of Judaism and sometimes their law contradicts YHVH‘s law.

  111. Biblical Truth Post author

    Thank you for visiting our site and commenting. A LOT to absorb there so we will read through it all. We will say nowhere does it say we eat Kosher but many always comment about that.

  112. Biblical Truth Post author

    What is so ironic is the changes already happened and now the changes that need to happen will put us back to before they were changed. Some say change is hard but what is harder for most is ridding the traditions.

  113. Biblical Truth Post author

    We like that analogy but we are ONLY try to back our research with Scripture. While we may agree they are nasty, YHVH only tells us to avoid them but not why. Kosher eaters can eat mushrooms because Rabbis have decided that spores are like seeds; WE DO NOT hold that same belief.

  114. Biblical Truth Post author

    Swine is the one thing that we can’t even touch. As far as Hybrid Oranges, we’d refrain from eating them but we believe that to mean as food. If it bears seed it’s okay to eat but do research to see if they are hybrids.

  115. Biblical Truth Post author

    Not real sure about that. We personally avoid Genetically modified things. I think a banana is a good example because they have continued to have less seeds but are still of natural origin.

  116. Biblical Truth Post author

    Because we don’t have time to type an entire list of the world’s clean food list. We rely on websites that do that and then take that info and make sure it is correct.

  117. Biblical Truth Post author

    We like that theory. BUT… HE NEVER SAID that, it was implanted into Scriptures centuries after HE died.

  118. Biblical Truth Post author

    Elderberries are all good. Seamoss? Or did you mean seaweed? We don’t eat seaweed as we know it’s a living organism that lives in water and doesn’t have fins or scales.

  119. Biblical Truth Post author

    We know many do. WE also know Judaism considers them Kosher. We choose to avoid them as they don’t bear seeds and we aren’t following Judaisms belief that spores are seeds.

  120. Biblical Truth Post author

    Agreed… But many haven’t and won’t make it that far into their Faith to find that Truth.

  121. Biblical Truth Post author

    Brocolli is from naturally occurring wild cabbage and not GMO. We try to make sure we aren’t consuming GMO’s.

  122. Biblical Truth Post author

    We’ve never tried it or heard of it until you posted that question. Seems like a herb and would have to research it more to make sure.

  123. Biblical Truth Post author

    We would imagine dairy would be fine. Not sure about references to mile and honey being the same. We do use a lot of dairy free milks. Root veggies all good as long as they bear seed.

  124. Nick

    Cooking with marijuana? It contains seeds. And are spores and seeds differentiated in the original interpretation of the text?

  125. FactChecker1000

    One hole in your logic; you never told us in scripture where it says that we MUST ONLY eat vegetation that bears seeds; it only tells us not to mix and make hybrids. It does NOT speak against breeding for specific traits. “Ye shall guard my statutes. You shall not let your cattle gender with a diverse kind: you shall not sow your field with mingled seed: neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woollen come upon you.” VAYIQRA (LEVITICUS) 19:19 את CEPHER

  126. Martha

    It’s now 2022 do you have any new insight as to the use of Spirulina and Chlorella for its health benefits and minor as a food source?

  127. Biblical Truth Post author

    Don’t think spores and seeds are differentiated in the Bible BUT as we gain knowledge we are led to larger Truth.

  128. Martha Robinson

    What about ginger and turmeric are they within the dietary guidelines of the Bible?

  129. Mike

    I’m a born again Christian and I eat onions, garlic, , red , , raspberries, ️ Pig, pulled pork, pork chops and ribs. I’m heathly I’m pre-diabetic. Sugar and red meat are the 2 biggest causes of obesity, diabetes etc. Nothing wrong with eating them. Mushrooms I don’t pick, store bought. All vegetables and fruits and fungi have major health benefits. Jesus Christ said all foods are clean. But meat must be fully cooked. We eat it and digest and it out to sewer. God will not punish anyone for eating what I wrote.

  130. Karen

    The longest on-going post I have read. Well done Biblical Truth. You have hung in there with many opposing views. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit indeed. As an auto-immune nurse, more and more people in our country are chronically sick. Many with auto immune disorders. Most diseases come from inflammation. Inflammation comes from eating things our body can not breakdown or picking up pathogens our immune system can not rid our bodies of. Keep searching for health as it is in God’s plan for his children to be healthy and holy till Christ returns. Satan comes to kill and still. Don’t be in bondage to medication or sickness. Rise and shine.

  131. Dave Ish

    Potatoes do in fact produce fruit and seed additional to their edible roots. The climate had to be right for them and certain varieties are more likely to do so. I am inclined to believe that mushrooms are mentioned as manna in the Bible. There are very nutritious ones, but also very poisonous ones though!

    If it were a case of pure survival I would eat anything that is edible and think that it would not be a sin. However, I have been researching what sort of things I would be best to specifically choose to eat and grow in my allotment. I am certainly going for things like squash, cucumber, cabbage, berries, pumpkins, Leeks, Onions, aubergines and Chillis to name a few. These are all valid as written in Genesis.

    This page and discussion is very interesting. I guess it is best to go with what God originally intended, however I recall somebody mentioning to me once about how Jesus said that human kind from his time onwards would be forgiven for sins that have basically become almost unavoidable due to our upbringing, culture, pressures of society and so on. We are indoctrinated and brainwashed into sin now without realising. We are forgiven and beloved for intending to be righteous.

  132. James

    I have yet to read it mentioned outside of claiming they are bottom feeders. But shrimp, crawfish and lobsters all have a type of scaled armor on there flesh and have a tail fin let alone there back “legs” are used like fins to swim. Unlike crabs that have a hard carapace she’ll and the only flesh is small and hinden inside them. Not a popular point but they are kosher. Also what we eat has nothing to do with “health” but more to do with being set apart from the world. They fall under find and scales.

  133. Mike Shellenberger

    All vegetables and fruits are a good and nutritional. But , , , , fried calimari, scallops, steamed clams, pig are fine to eat. Red meat and sugar do most harm cause most heart disease and diabetes. Jesus Christ declared all foods clean, with exceptions like don’t eat cat, dog, , , predatory . Etc.

  134. Sydney Chimgwede

    I have been reading the verse since I was young. But today i have understood it as a new verse. Thanks alot for that.
    I will definitely share this with my friends at the bible study group.

  135. Lyn

    I am concerned that maybe we aren’t meant to eat seeds. It seems maybe the Word is saying that we are given the plant to eat – not the seeds of the plant. It seems that eating the seeds would interfere with the biggest reproduction/yield possible and deprive the population of needed food – promoting starvation for some people. Also, seeds can apparently cause severe intestinal illness for some people, allergies for others. I assume the words for plant and seed are different in the original language – leading back to my point that possibly we were given the plants for food but not the seeds for food.

  136. CaptZac

    I’m sure you mean well, but you should really refrain from speculating on what people should and should not eat, and whether or not God would be displeased about it etc.

    The bible makes it clear God in concerned with the condition of our heart, not the condition of our stomach.

    You likely eat things that don’t bare seeds everyday and think nothing of it. Unless you never use anything with the smallest amount of additives or preservatives.

    What is extremely regrettable with you strict diet adherents is you don’t think of all the people you could be keeping from using a beneficial natural food, herb or supplement because they found your website online and think they would displease God if they ate something you have made them believe would be displeasing to God.

    I’m tempted to give you a good scolding, but not only would it not solve anything, but distract from the main issue.

    Stop Telling People What Is Or Isn’t Good For Them! You could be directly having a negative impact on someones life! Many of these so called unclean foods of your could very well be lifesaving dietary choices for some of the readers who end up here.

    I know from personal experience. I few short years ago I suffered from persistent sever asthma. Some nights I gasped for air for hours not thinking I would make it through the night. I could hardly walk 50 feet at times without having to stop and lean on something to catch my breath.

    Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the lungs. After researching natural methods to help my prescribed medicine which had limited effectiveness I went on a strict anti-inflammatory diet including foods, herbs and supplements. Many of them would not have passed your test.

    Mushrooms were on it, as was seaweed, things like horsetail, green lipped mussel oil etc etc all contributed to my recovery to this point. I’m now healthier than I’ve been in over 10 years. I go to the gym daily, which I couldn’t have done 3-4 years ago, and lift weights like I did when I was 30 and I’m 65!

    So Please, don’t tell people what to eat or not. Tell them Jesus loves them and died on the cross for their sins so they can live an abundant life now and forever more with him in the new heaven and earth.

    Your not a doctor or a health expert. Stop it, you have no idea how many you have hurt with your misinformed biblical exegesis.

  137. Biblical Truth Post author

    Yes. They bear fruit. Although… The common bananas are mostly hybrids.

  138. Biblical Truth Post author

    Thank you for taking the time to comment. You have taken the information and twisted it the wrong way. There are many natural and clean supplements to help with all sorts of ailments. In fact, eastern medicine practices many holistic healing methods. Western medicine is less likely to have a holistic approach unless you seek out a D.O. instead of an M.D. Of course there are plenty of MDs that search and teach holistic approaches but the DOs are more likely to do it. We only post what we learn and scripture supports. So you are also stating in your reply that YHVH is not a DR since HE gave specific instructions on clean/unclean foods and those should be null and void since a DR says so? Should they be null and void because Yeshua died on the cross? Everyone has the right to do whatever they want. We have nothing to do with judgment or salvation. We only post our findings and let others decipher the results.

  139. Biblical Truth Post author

    That’s what the Rabbis state. We avoid them as we don’t believe they are seeds.

  140. Biblical Truth Post author

    Interesting approach and not something we have researched. We would wonder though how we could eat strawberries if that was the case.

  141. Biblical Truth Post author

    Thank you for commenting and checking out our site. We love that you have found something new as that is how it went for us too. It’s best to share the knowledge and let others discuss if that knowledge is sound.

  142. Biblical Truth Post author

    That approach is what we feel some do to allow them to eat unclean foods. None of them have fins. We agree the set apart if the goal not the health aspect.

  143. Biblical Truth Post author

    Thanks for commenting. Bromelain and Turmeric are just a couple excellent anti inflammatory remedies.

  144. Wayne brinkley

    Serious question. What about marijuana? I have a prescription for it but it is also given to us as a plant for healing. Like the cocoa plant and the opium plant. They all have their medicinal purposes. So I’m curious where do yall stand on marijuana?

  145. Jerry stclair

    this information is completely from the old law and Torah.
    we know from the new testament that it tells us you cannot judge a man now by what he eats.
    it is not a sin to eat as you wish.
    want the truth?
    yeshua himself changed that on the cross.
    that’s why it’s in our testament.
    peter figured that out.
    Paul also knew it as did John.
    it’s no secret.
    it is written.

  146. Biblical Truth Post author

    In our current understanding, everything you said is taught my mankind to get rid of what YHVH put in place. Matthew 5:17 shows Yeshua didn’t change things on the cross. Romans 3:31 shows that we uphold. Peter’s vision wasn’t about eating it was about people. In Mark 7:19 there was a ending added by mankind.

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