The Commanded Feast Days

You may ask yourself if we should follow HIS commanded Feasts??? The answer is simple. We need to throw away our tradition of celebrating MAN-MADE holidays and get back to celebrating HIS commanded Feast Days. HE never once told us to stop. Man, through the Church, taught us to stop!!! It may sound odd or even Jewish to some but if you don’t know what they are, you need to learn them and celebrate them. Once you understand HIS Feast Days you will have a much clearer understanding of many of the verses in the Sacred Text. Don’t just throw the Feast Days out the door because you were taught to do so. HE commands us to follow in them for ALL GENERATIONS.

It is the practice of the enemy to deceive us and turn us away from HIS commands all together. It is the goal of the enemy to steer us towards man-centered doctrine and away from HIM. The Feast Days are truly rewarding to us. They bring us closer to his PERFECT PLAN. They teach us how HE wants us to live. Each and every verse that most Christians use to teach against the celebration of HIS Feast Days are taken out of Biblical context or completely made up lies about what the Sacred Text teaches us. Ye’shua (Jesus) KEPT the Holy Days as did all his followers and the 1st Century Church. Look at it this way. If the Feast Days were not upheld by our Messiah that would be a SIN and we know he didn’t SIN!!!!

Here is just one example of the Renewed Convenant (New Testament) establishing to keep a HOLY DAY. The Apostle Paul wrote to the Gentile Christians at Corinth the following verse:

I Cor. 5:7-8 Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us: therefore let us keep the feast”

That particular feast was the “Feast of Unleavened Bread”. That is just one example. We have to put down the 2000+ years of doctrine taught by the Church and realize that our Messiah wants us to celebrate HIS days. If you don’t know the days you can’t expect to know what will happen in the end times. The fall feasts have yet to be completed and we must learn them so we don’t miss HIM when HE comes back. You think you won’t miss HIM?  You think you will know who HE is when HE comes?  Notice in the picture above the gap between spring and fall. This “gap” is called the drought. The drought is when we decide to turn from HIM and teach against HIS commands. We are in a “drought” today. Very, very few teach that we are to celebrate HIS Feast Days. Why is this? It is because it has become “Tradition” to not celebrate them. Ask yourself this, if our Messiah and every single follower celebrated the commanded Feast Days, why don’t we? Just because our Messiah was sacrificed doesn’t mean he “lifted” the commands from us.


Passover (Pesach)         (Last Supper to Christians.  It was the day our Messiah was sacrificed)

Days of Unleavened Bread       Completely disregarded by most of Christianity)
First Fruits   (Falls on the 3rd Day of Feast of Unleavened Bread.  It was the day our Messiah was resurrected.  Celebrated as Easter by Christianity.  BEWARE, Easter is not Biblical at all.)
Pentecost (Shavuot)      (The day we received the Ruach haKodesh)


Feast of Trumpets       (Yom Teruah but became the “Jewish New Year/Rosh Hoshanah)

Day of Atonement      (Yom Kippur)
Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot)       (Includes the 8th Day or Last Great Day)


“Always Learning”
Biblical Truth

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10 thoughts on “The Commanded Feast Days

  1. Becky

    Can you tell how to figure out the dates & a general idea of what to do? When I look it up the description is hard to understand. I saw something about sheafs?

  2. Biblical Truth Post author

    The dates can be confusing as we are still learning them. The trick is to weed through all the Jewish teachings and try to find HIS dates. The problem is the exact dates are hard to figure as they were written down long ago and eventually only Judaism taught the correct appointed times. Judaism then incorporated and uses the Hillel 2 calendar that uses a mathmatical formula to figure out the correct dates. They also instill Rabbinical Law into the mix as Judaism doesn’t allow certain Feast Days to fall on certain Sabbath Days. With that being said, HE only expects us to try our hardest and learn as we go. HE is patient with us through our learning curve. Going from Christianity to following Feast Days will take a long time and HE understands that. HE never expects us to “get it” all at once. It will take years just to throw away the traditions of man taught to us by Christianity and even longer to weed through the traditions of man from Judaism that has changed HIS sacred text.

    We believe HIS days should be easy to figure out and follow. We don’t agree that one would have to personally learn a mathmatical formula to be able to correctly follow Feast Days.

  3. Biblical Truth Post author

    We will try. The Bible states that those who teach will get judged stricter so we are very cautious when it comes to teaching things. The dates are very confusing but we do have what we feel are dates that coincide with HIS commands. Follow us on Facebook and we will post upcoming Feast Days usually a week before they happen.

  4. Don

    This the biggest bunch of baloney I have ever seen. You are simply one of the false “prophets” Scripture warns of. You are nothing more than a “Judaizer” like those who persecuted Paul and tormented his converts about meats, holy days, circumcision, the Sabbath and all the rest. Don’t fall for this people. This novice is dangerous. Read Galatians in an acceptable translation. Of course, this guy even assaults the Scriptures in other places on this site.

  5. Biblical Truth Post author

    We don’t have any prophecy on here but we aren’t Judaizers either. Nobody tormented Paul about Holy Days and meats except those trying to sway him from away from his beliefs. ALL original followers were Torah observant and didn’t come to do away with YHVH‘s commands. They came to do away with the corruption of the Truth from within.

  6. Crystal

    Wow‍♀️ u have NO idea what your even talking about ..Paul was warning the new converts coming out of paganism that were learning about not eating pork & blood that started keeping feast days & sabbath NOT telling them to stay in sin..u need to study before opening ur mouth

  7. Crystal

    Wow Don‍♀️ u have NO idea what your even talking about ..Paul was warning the new converts coming out of paganism that were learning about not eating pork & blood that started keeping feast days & sabbath NOT telling them to stay in sin..u need to study before opening ur mouth

  8. Keoki

    I’ve noticed most Christians will dismiss the true name of The Messiah YESHUA and careless to honor HIS TRUE name or His commands. They act like they are the true believers walking around all PUFFED up with their western Christianity observing Christmas, Easter and Halloween (Harvest)…This is just EVIL how they attack Yeshua Believers for wanting to observe the feast days as commanded. They careless about the true Shabbat day but, will praise the Catholic Sunday…. Adonai Elohim warns us not to defile HIS NAME!


  9. Biblical Truth Post author

    Did you know that Yeshua was super common name. Did you know that Barabbars’ name meant Son of the Father? We aren’t worried as much about names as we are the changes religions have made.

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