Good Deeds

Many believe and are taught that “good deeds” don’t save us. Those same people then believe and have often been taught that “good deeds” are useless as they don’t bring about salvation. Take that one step further and those same people have thrown away Commands given by HIM telling us to do things HIS way. Many believe that the Jews thought they were saved by “good deeds” or “works”.  We believe the issue within the Jewish religion is the minutiae of their Rabbinical traditions. They have put extra or better stated, they have added to the commands.

Going all the way back to the beginning we can see that FAITH brought about Salvation and through that FAITH “good deeds/works” were a by-product.

Examples in nonspecific order.

Israelites painted blood because they had Faith.

Noah built the Ark because he had Faith.

Abraham left his homeland because he had Faith.

In the Old Testament, the word Faith appears 2 times. When it was written there was no definitive noun in Hebrew for the English word Faith. The concept can be realized by our examples as shown above.  Faith is not a new concept and to throw away doing any ” good deeds/works” because they don’t contribute to Salvation seems counterintuitive. Many are taught celebrating Feast Days are considered works but that is directly in conflict with what the scriptures state. The same goes for Dietary Law and many other commands in which the masses have been taught are not necessary.

Faith should bring about obedience and obedience should bring about good deeds and works.

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