The Cross (This may shock you)

Here at Biblical Truth we DO NOT wear crosses.  It symbolizes death and pre-dates Christianity.  It started long ago in Babylon.  It can be traced back to be a symbol of Tammuz.  That alone should draw caution.  A symbol of another worshipped Idol being used to signify our Elohim.

Now before you get upset, please open your mind and look at it through HIS eyes.  Over the last 2000 years we have adopted the practice of displaying Crosses as a way of symbolizing our Faith in Yeshua.  We have adopted a Man-Made Tradition that goes against HIS commands to avoid symbols.  According to the Scriptures, HE doesn’t even want them in our homes.  Let’s look at it like this.  The Cross symbolizes the most brutal slaughter of a human being possible.  It was a brutal and torturous way to kill our Messiah.  HE suffered deeply.  There were much easier ways for our Messiah to die.  If you search deep enough into the Scriptures you will find that our Messiah wasn’t truly “hung on a cross”; it was more like a tree. These trees were used by the Romans to kill people long before Yeshua died on one.  The tree was used as the ULTIMATE disgrace to the worst criminals of those times.  It was used as a display to warn other criminals of the consequences of their crime.  If you look close enough you will find that many of the things you were taught about the cross never appear in the Bible.  There is not one instance anywhere that shows any of Yeshua‘s followers wore a symbol of Death after HE was sacrificed.  Some quote Mark 8:34 as a way of proving it is okay to wear a cross or have one in the home.

Let’s look at it another way.  The Holocaust was the single most horrific time in the life of the Jewish people.  We all know how evil that time was.  Do you think it would be okay to wear a Nazi symbol around your neck in remembrance of the Jewish people who were killed during that time. You might be saying this is a huge stretch and how could we even compare the two.  In today’s society the Nazi symbol is a horrid thing and every single person knows its meaning.  Well, if you let 2000+ years go by and somebody comes along and teaches us that wearing a Nazi symbol is the right thing to do in rememberance of the Genocide that occured against the Jewish People, then it would become a Tradition!!!  Let 2000+ years go by and it could evolve into a symbol that becomes a memorial symbol to society.  The wearer of the symbol will believe they are remembering the lost lives and have their heart in the right place but it goes against HIS commands to avoid symbols.  The Cross is the exact same thing.  It has become a memorial symbol of the worst day in our Messiah’s life.  Again, keep an open mind.  It isn’t about what it means to YOU.  It’s all about what it means to HIM.  Some state it is a way of displaying their belief that HE died and rose three days later.  The cross has become a symbol for some to show their devotion to Yeshua but it was a symbol long before Yeshua came along.  It was a symbol directly used for another Babylonian Deity named Tammuz.  Do you wear a symbol of a Manger around your neck to symbolize HIS birth???

You may wonder how we can display our Faith in Yeshua???  According to the scriptures people will know our Elohim by how we live our lives.  They can see that the Ruach HaKodesh lives inside of us.  We are told in 2 Thessalonians 2:15 to “stand firm” and hold to the traditions the Bible teaches not what man teaches.  Wearing symbols is what man has taught us not Yahweh and not Yeshua.

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Biblical Truth

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9 thoughts on “The Cross (This may shock you)


    I thank GOD for the biblical truth because I did not know that you are not suppose to wear a cross. I thank GOD for his word is true. That’s why in his word he said study to shew thyself approved. AMEN”

  2. Noel

    Hi! In our country the people here esp. Catholics wear crosses not to honor pagan gods nor do they honor Elohim but they wear them round their necks as body decor or as a fashion accessories. They have no teaching ingrained in their hearts. Tsk, tsk.

  3. Autumn Acker

    You aren’t such Scriptures as..
    Jesus commanding those who follow Him to deny themselves and take up their cross…

    Paul saying he would glory in nothing but the cross…

    Paul stating he is crucified with Christ and yet lives…

    That is why you see cross symbolism amongst Christians. It is not replacing Christ. It is remembering what he did! He triumphed over his enemies with a cross! He rose again, ascended into heaven, and will return.

  4. Biblical Truth Post author

    That only applies if you believe the word got translated as Cross. It definitely wasn’t the word cross.

  5. Aysolid

    Their is NO enough scriptural references to proof that wearing of cross is idolatry. Merely having an opinion does not mean that is the WORD teaches.

    I’m seeking for the truth regarding the use of Cross, that’s how I found this post. But what I’ve read is not scriptural enough to convince me about the use of Cross. The Bible says in the mouth of two or more, shall every word be established. Please provide Bible references to proof your opinions.

  6. Biblical Truth Post author

    Not everything is in the Bible. The Bible doesn’t mention many things but it does give us a WAY of life to live by. We can be for sure, through a quick google search, that the cross wasn’t used by Christians until the 4th Century. We also know the cross was used by ancient pagan religions to worship their gods. With all that in mind, we know the Bible condemns using images or anything in to celebrate HIM the same as other pagans used to celebrate their gods.

  7. Cliff A Laycock

    I wear a cross as a belief in the salvation that Jesus Christ atoned for all christian believers when He died on it and shed His blood. He died and then was resurrected, He is due all glory and praise, I believe the cross to be a most loving way to show I am carried by Him in all truth and praise His name above all names as my Savior and Lord.

  8. Biblical Truth Post author

    We noticed that everything you stated was about you. You can show your love in a way found in this verse, John 14:15.

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