Bible verses exposed

We have been asked this question many times:
“If the word of Yahweh is true and needs to be taken at face value, and we are instructed to take the Bible as truth, why would HE allow anybody to mess with HIS sacred text.  Don’t you think HE would at least protect HIS Bible from being tampered with?”

Here is our answer:
“The enemy is always at work changing things.  Over the years he has changed our view of times, days, and even HIS sacred text.  As time goes on, more and more doctrine and Biblical inaccuracies become accepted into the Christian belief system steering us further and further away from HIM and the TRUTH.  If we want the real TRUTH we have to study HIS sacred text and compare it against itself.  If one Bible has a verse and another has omitted the verse that should be a “RED FLAG” to make us search deeper.  We can’t allow man’s word to replace Yahweh’s word.  We can’t allow changes to the Bible to go unnoticed as when that happens it will eventually become accepted as factual.

bibleMagnifyingGlassWe have many, many things we have found got changed.  We compare current Bible versions against the oldest known versions to see what got changed as far as translations go and even as far as completely added or omitted verses.  We believe we are led by HIM to point this out to everyone around us.  Mainstream Christianity usually has no clue of what has happened to HIS sacred text.  Most practicing Christians (not all) go to Church once a week, listen to a sermon for 45 minutes then go home.  They usually never pick up their Bibles in-between sermons.  There are even some Churches that don’t emphasize the importance of owning a Bible.  Then there are other people, similar to us, that study often and try figure things out.  This doesn’t mean we believe we have more Faith, it just means we are dedicated to finding the TRUTH and hope others read our research and are moved to seek the TRUTH.  When one studies, there are often times that they find things that look contradictory or even notice something just isn’t right.  That is when we have to pause, study deeper, and find out what went wrong.  The changes in our Bibles have been taking place since they first penned it.  It is even more prevalent over the last 1000 years.  It is shameful and people need to know this stuff.  As time goes on, our followers that read our website and posts will learn what we have learned and hopefully the TRUTH will start to spread like wildfire.  At this point, we as researchers, are a minority.  We are often looked upon as bad-mouthing the Church or too technical.  We believe you can never be “too technical” when it comes to studying the Bible.  HE instructed HIS people on what to write down.  When that information changes from its original form, we have to “catch” it and expose it.  How do we catch it?  We study the orginal text, in its orginal form against our English translations.  There is a wealth of information on the internet to help us.  We purchased Bible software called LOGOS  (if you click the link it will take you to their software packages) in which we can compare 100’s of Bible Versions against each other to see the differences.  There are literally 100’s of errors and we will update this page as we come across more of them.  Some of the errors don’t really matter, but others change the meaning of the verse.  Some errors are just word translation errors but those also change the meaning of the verse.


Verse errors

JOHN 7:53-8:11 Adulteress meets Yeshua (whole thing not found in the original manuscripts)
Mark 7:19 Yeshua declares all foods clean (fraudulent ending added by man)
1 John 5:7 The Trinity is established (added by Erasmus of Rotterdam 16th Century)
Luke 14:26 Hate everyone (should translate to Love Less than Yahweh)
Matthew 5:17 Yeshua supposedly fulfills all the LAW (Fulfill means magnify or fully teach not complete)



“Always Learning”
Biblical Truth





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4 thoughts on “Bible verses exposed

  1. nicole caraccilo

    What is the original one(bible) both with old and new testaments? And do they have a translation that does not have those errors? Also, I hear preachers saying things like “to go” for example; they will say, in Ancient Hebrew, “to go” actually means, “to set forth” which in turn means “setting a fourth” so “to go” really means 4. “To go” means “Setting aside 1/4.” Which means that HE needs one fourth of all you have. Now “to go” means go give one fourth.[example ends here.] That granted that was a totally made up example; I could not think of a real life example at the moment-but do you get what I am saying? It seems that some use Ancient Hebrew to justify why they are explaining a certain verse some strange way. Or is it the other way around? as in the translation was wrong..and how do you really KNOW unless you know Ancient Hebrew?! It really gets me depressed sometimes. I just want to know the truth. So if I cant afford to buy the software(logos)than what bible should I use for goodness sake?! The Septuagint? Also why did they remove half of the bible in the reformation? I think we should still have Maccebes 1&2 I mean it is the whole story after the temple gets defiled..

  2. Biblical Truth Post author

    Thank you for checking out our site.

    We use many different bible versions for different reasons. We also use Logos Software to compare them to each other. We LOVE Andrew Roth Gabriel’s Aramaic English New Testament. We also use one called The Scriptures and the standard ESV.. We don’t accept everything Roth promotes nor what The Scriptures says but love both of them. Some Bibles has added verses and some have taken some away. The KJV added some verses that weren’t in the original manuscripts like the Trinity thing.

    The easiest go-to version is the ESV.

  3. Christina

    Thank you for directing me to this post. I have two follow up questions I’m hoping you can answer.

    Have you compared the Messianic Jewish Family Bible against original texts and if so do you find it to be a sound translation?

    Also, in your research have you ever come across reincarnation in the original texts? Elijah coming again as John the Baptist? Does that count? Have you found anything else? Please comment.

    Many Thanks.

  4. John

    There are 28 copies of the book of Matthew in Hebrew
    With over 200 puns and word plays there’s no doubt that Hebrew was the original language

    Mark, John, and The Revelation have been translated into English. Text and wordplays show that Hebrew was the Original language

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