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We are commanded to search through the scriptures and learn HIS commands. We are often taught that following Dietary Law is no longer required. We were the same as most before we started seeking the TRUTH and finding out how far we strayed from HIS word. We post interesting information that pertains to exactly what we should and shouldn’t eat/drink according to our studies. Don’t believe the hype that Dietary Law was done away with. Check out our studies on the subject and see for yourself.

In 1 John 1:10 we are told that saying we have not sinned makes HIM a liar and Word is not in us.. If you didn’t know, when the Bible refers to “The Word” it is referring to Yeshua as John states in John 1:1. By denying that Dietary Law exists you are saying that you are not sinning when you partake in eating an unclean animal. Again, if something is a sin and we decide it isn’t, we are claiming that we are not sinning by doing so and John says if we do that, we do not have “The Word” inside of us. Have you ever even thought about following Dietary Law? If you haven’t you are not following along in Biblical Truth. He commands we follow it. Eating something that is considered unclean definitely goes against His commands. The worst part of this subject is that it is a very simple command to follow that we basically just throw away. It actually takes zero effort from us but few will ever search deep enough to see the TRUTH.

The Israelites were given a set of Dietary Laws at Mount Sinai. These were recorded by Moses and are found in Leviticus chapter 11 and Deuteronomy chapter 14.” These are biblical laws that anyone could observe perfectly if we set our mind to do it. Those that don’t follow it have taken things into their own hands and thrown out Biblical legislation. They have decided to do things “their” way instead of doing things “His” way. It is not “legalistic” to follow any command. It is Biblical to follow the commands. If you don’t follow Biblical Law you are a Law breaker. NOWHERE in the Bible does it say it is okay to eat unclean things. Often times things are taken out of context to show we can eat unclean things. Some believe that Dietary Law was about the Israelites health.  Nowhere in the Bible does it say that Yahweh had the Israelites health in mind when HE gave HIS law to Mosheh at Mt. Sinai.

The term unclean comes from the Hebrew word (tame’). This refers to ritually/ceremonial unclean. It has nothing at all to do with health reasons. To say unclean foods has anything to do with health is a complete and uttter disregard to the meaning behind it. Remember this. Noah (as explained here) knew Dietary Law and Noah came before Moses. So Dietary Law existed before Moses gave it to the people at Mt. Sinai. It is not a Jewish thing. It is not just for the Israelites.  Our own Messiah followed Dietary Law and even commanded that nothing pass from the Law until all is done in Heaven and Earth  (Matthew 5:18)  Following Dietary Law separates us and HE wants us to be a separate people.  There are plenty of scripture references that people can misinterpret or twist around to make it sound like it is okay to go against His Dietary Law which is why we use scripture to “reproof” scripture.  There is no way you can twist up a direct statement like that of (Matthew 5:18).  The most often used verses come from Paul.  We are warned to be leary of those that twist up Paul words to their own demise in  (2 Peter 3:15-18).  Notice that we are warned to not be “lawless” people.  So again, another verse that points to the Law still being in place which includes Dietary Law.

Again.  We never thought this way until a year or so ago.  We have been led to search deep into the sacred text and we have found there is so much there that isn’t taught.

“Always Learning”
Biblical Truth

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7 thoughts on “Dietary Law

  1. Voice in the Wilderness

    Here is a thought for you to consider. As you search for Biblical Truth, look deeper into the use of books such as 2 Peter and most of the Paulinian letters. It may help your understanding of why the adversary would want us reading and heeding these teaching. I may be wrong; however in my search of truth, I have found that YHVH, the Lord Most High, warned us CLEARLY of a Benjaminite Wolf to come. Yeshua Ha Mashiach then warns us to beware of False Teachers and Prophets who come dressed as Sheep but are in all actuality are ravenous Wolves. You continue to search “the Truth” instead of for the Truth, He (Hakkadosh) through His power and Holy Spirit (Ruach Hakkodesh) will continue to be that “Still Small Voice” that you hear. Here are a few of the referenced verses: Genesis 49 specifically verse 27, Matthew 7:15, Then Romans to bring that together Romans 11:1 and Philippians 3:5. Finally the still small voice 1 Kings 19:11-13 specifically vs. 12.

  2. Adah Van Rooyen


    Hope you are well and blessed? There is alot of research out these days that say HIGH FAT, HIGH PROTEIN diet is healthy and I do agree eating beef, lamb, chicken and Fish with no scales ect. and of course no pork, other animal fat exept pork fat, butter, eggs, cheese (all non-preserves, but at the same time research say plants, nuts, seeds and fruit and vegetables are bad for you as it was made for animals. (Example they say if you eat it, it makes you fat (high in carbs) and it is not good on your health as fructose sugar comes in fruit is just as bad as normal sugar,(banna contains 6 teaspoon of sugar), want more reason for this is when animals or birds eats this it makes them fat for winter) They say most fruit have to much sugar in and you only allowed a % sugar to stay in keytones. Officially no bread or starch or strach vegatables is allowed at all. I do understand in todays society that everything is not grown naturally and made organic 100% so it does not bear the quality as it use to be years ago, but I am still questioning myself for weeks know, (I am on a high fat/protein diet and cosume no carbs or any fruit or veg) and I feel great), but I am still two-minded and I read my bible and way does God say your are allowed to eat seed-bearing plants, but the world say it is bad? And it shows that people are healthier without fruit and veg, but still I feel in my heart I need fruit and veg because God gave it to us? what fruit and veg are we allowed to eat (list) ? And Jesus was also on a plant diet and meat and everything ans he was healthy. What is your point of view on this? Have a blessed day

  3. Noel

    Sir I have a question regarding GMO Foods. I know that GMO Foods are not safe to eat. Yet my country knows nothing about biblical diet. My concern is that our gov’t has no law regarding the putting on the product label whether it is GMO Free or not.

  4. Biblical Truth Post author

    We are not doctors and can’t give advice based on general questions as some have to avoid foods due to health concerns. As for us, we eat any seed bearing fruit, fish with fins and scales, and animals that have a split hoof and chew cud.

  5. Georgi Walker

    I am a Torah follower and follow the dietary laws (so I thought) but recently I’ve been searching about veggies. And I’m not sure about things like carrots, leafy greens and onions as they have no seeds in them. I’d like your understanding on these types of food. Also how do you respond when people use Genesis 9:3 to dismiss the clean food laws.
    Thank you for your time.
    G Walker

  6. Biblical Truth Post author

    For the first part of you question… Carrots, leafy greens, and onions all have seeds. Carrots produce seeds from the greens above the ground if you let them go long enough. Leafy greens also produce seeds if you let them go long enough. They will bolt and then produce seeds. Onions will flower in their second year, or something like that, and the flowers have a bunch of seeds in them.

    For the Genesis 9:3 questions. In Genesis 7:2, YHVH has already told Noah what animals are clean and unclean. YHVH never undid these commands. Noah and his people knew what animals were clean to eat and unclean to eat. So when YHVH says every moving thing that lives, HE is understood to mean every moving (clean) thing that lives is food for you.

    But let’s attack that verse from a different angle just to cover it from a different view. IF Noah was allowed to eat anything that moved that means he forgot what was clean and unclean. SO let’s say that’s the case. We then see in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14 the Dietary Laws commanded by YHVH. So even if Noah was allowed to eat unclean, which we don’t believe is the case, YHVH clearly gives us Dietary Laws in Leviticus 11 and again in Deuteronomy 14. And let’s remember that before any of this, in Genesis 7:2, YHVH gave Noah commands about clean and unclean.

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