Hebrew Aleph Bet Has No Vowels

The Hebrew Aleph bet has no vowels. Why is this important, one might ask? It is important because many throw away the Old Testament as Jewish or “done away with” by the Messiah. The Old Testament doesn’t rely on the New Testament but the New Testament relies on the Old Testament to explain itself.

The Old Testament can only be understand because of ORAL TRADITION of the Jews. Without ORAL TRADITION most can’t even understand what the Old Testament even says. This is because Hebrew has no vowels and for us to understand it we rely on Oral Tradition to put the vowels in place for us to help us understand the meanings of the verses. The Oral Tradition protected God’s word and has now been placed into the Written Scriptures to help us understand. In fact, 99% of the Christian Bible is dependent on Oral Tradition.

It wasn’t until the middle ages that the Masoretic Text came along and it was recently compared to the Dead Sea Scrolls in which they agree with each other.

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