Noah (How did Noah know DIETARY LAW before Moses)

How did Noah know what Yahweh’s Dietary Law was and it wasn’t presented to the people until Moses went to Mt. Sinai which happened after Yahweh flooded the earth. We must look into the scriptures to find our answer. If all scripture is breathed by Elohim and some scripture was actually written by HIM, then it isn’t hard to understand. Some believe Moses transplanted his knowledge system of Judaism into the scriptures and that it was a “cultural” thing that had to due with which foods caused illnesses. If we look at the scriptures, Noah knew that Yahweh considered animals either clean or unclean. Moses told us in Genesis 7:2-3 how many of each clean and unclean animal to take on the Ark. We have others studies on this subject that you should check out sometime. Quick tid bit: The Rainbow is a covenant sign with Noah in which Yahweh promised to never flood the earth again…

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