Counting the Omer

OmerYou may be wondering what “Counting the Omer” is all about.    “Counting the Omer” is a count of the 50 days following the 1st Sabbath after the 3rd day of Pesach/Feast of Unleavened Bread that ends on Shavuot; yes it’s commanded. So to make this less confusing let’s start with Pesach, then count 3 days into the Feast of Unleavened Bread known as the day of First Fruits (Yeshua was the 1st Harvest for YHVH).  From that point we wait until the Sabbath (day of rest) arrives and the next day we start “Counting the Omer”.  It commemorates the day when he gave HIS believers the Ruach haKodesh. In the Greek language (Pente=50 & Cost=day). So literally the 50th day “after” the count started, which is the same as the counting 49 days (command is to count 7 Sabbaths) from the start of the count and then celebrate the commanded Feast Day the next day which is the 50th day (Leviticus 23:15-16).

Even though this celebration is called Feast of Weeks in English it doesn’t mean it is for a week.  It is a one day Feast celebration.  Notice the number 7 comes into this picture in the beginning of this command.  In the Hebrew, 7 is shevah. It is from the root  savah, to be full or satisfied, have enough of. 7 is a Messianic number tied to Yeshua.  By giving us the Ruach HaKodesh after we count 7 Sabbaths, HE satisfied us.  Not only is it the day we received the Ruach haKodesh,  legend has it that it is the exact day that Mosheh gave the Torah to the people at Mt. Sinai. Through our research we do not believe there is proof that is when the Torah was given to the people at Mt. Sinai but we also realize that everything Yahweh does revolves around HIS Feast Days so it could be true; we will teach the Torah part of this as not factual but plausible.  All we need to know is that on that day HE gave us a Helper as promised and that Helper is there to guide us.

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