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The word Legalism predates Jesus by roughly 400 years. A man named Shang Yang, a Chinese Statesman, started the philosophy of rule by law. Fast forward roughly 400 years to the times of Jesus. HE never once taught or acted in a way that would infer His Father’s commands were legalistic. In fact, HE upheld the commands and taught those around Him to do the same.

Jesus said:

“But it is easier for heaven and earth to pass away than for one dot of the Law to become void”

“Has not Moses given you the law? Yet none of you keeps the law

“Whoever has my commandments and keeps them, he it is who loves me”

“For truly, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the Law until all is accomplished”

The theology behind the following of commands making one a Legalist would then convict Jesus of the same offense.

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Yom Kippur, Yom haKippurim, Day of Atonement

Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur was about Worship. Many of the Feast Days’ personal offerings for the Most High were about receiving Atonement while inside the Temple/Tabernacle to prevent you from dying while in presence of El Shaddai (God Almighty).When you read your Bibles, the “you” in English comes from a Hebrew word that is not singular but plural. This means the whole House of Israel. Atonement was for The People, The Tabernacle, The Priesthood, The Altar, and The Holy Sanctuary. This was NOT done away with by our Messiah dying. The Altar, Sanctuary, and Tabernacle can’t sin so there goes the theology that it’s just for the Jews and their personal sin.

The actual word for Day of Atonement is Yom haKippurim and has no equivalent in English. It lost its meaning from Hebrew to English. It doesn’t mean “atonement” as understand by English speaking people.

HIS commands are clear and HE commands that we Worship Him in HIS way forever. If Yeshua (Jesus) was there in the beginning (John 1:1), then HE also helped pen the Old Testament. Through HIM it was written and HE knew one day HE would die to save us. HE gave the commands to keep the Feast Days FOREVER knowing HE would come back one day in the future and save mankind. Knowing this HE could have stated to keep the Feast Days “until I return”; HE did not state it that way.

Hebrews 4:15 shows us that our Messiah never sinned and followed the Feast Days. Acts 27:9 shows us it was being observed by early Christians. Paul shows us in Philippians 3:4-6 that he followed all the Feast Days. Paul also states in Acts 28:17 he was still following the customs of his ancestors, those customs were commanded by YHVH (God)…

Polycarp of Smyrna celebrated the Feast Days and is considered a saint in the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Anglican, and Lutheran churches.

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Marcion, the man behind the lie.

We have posted about him many times and talked about him for countless hours.  You want to know who or whom was the first to separate Old and New Testament?  You want to know who or whom separated Christianity from following anything from the Old Covenant?

His name was MARCION.  He started Marcionism. He taught to accept Yeshua and reject the God of Israel.  He taught that Yahweh was cruel and unmerciful.  He taught Yeshua was the opposite of Yahweh.  Think about that.  We are still taught the theory to separate the Testaments.

Marcion was born around 57-58 A.D.  Marcion’s theology didn’t gain ground until late 1st Century / early 2nd Century. His message was widely accepted by Samaritans and all the pagan communities.  By 122/123 A.D. his fame had spread across the ancient world with hundreds of thousands of converts to this new- pragmatic, simplified philosophy.  The Roman Catholic church states they excommunicated him but that story is highly debated.  Even today his theology holds true throughout all of Christianity.  The splitting of OLD vs NEW is taught everywhere.  Through our research we believe he set the FOUNDATION for Roman Catholicism and taught against Orthodox Christians.  He was one bad man.  Although he felt he was teaching the Gospel of Christ the right way, he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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Halloween and All Saints Day

Halloween or All Hollows Eve is the night before All Saints Day.  All Hollows Eve is Oct. 31st and All Saints Day is November 1st.  It is supposed to be a night when the dead can reunite with the living according to Ancient Celtic tradition.  The Roman Catholic church then adopted the practice to uproot the pagan celebration and make it their own for all the Saints and Martyrs that passed away.

We can’t find anywhere in our Bibles that we are commanded to make up a celebration/feast day for any human being.  Why has man turned from celebrating HIS Feast Days, replaced some of them, forgot about most of them, and now has created man made feast days.   Why don’t we just stick with what is taught in the scriptures.  Some say because Paul said we don’t have to do that anymore.  Do you really believe that Paul had the power or mindset to undo Yahweh’s commands?  Do you truly believe that our Elohim would have taught Paul a different Gospel than HE taught all the other Disciples?  If you do believe Paul changed the Gospel to go against HIS commands then you have been misled by false teachers.

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What is Jesus’ real name?

Did you know that Joshua, Isaiah, and Jesus all have the same root name?

Yĕhowshuwa, Yeshua, Yashua, Yĕsha`yah, Y’shua…all sorts of spellings but all the same translation.

From our research we believe the Greeks translators messed up HIS name along the way. There were four different versions of Greek before they used “Koine” Greek as the Bible translation which is a different dialect that ca…me to be during the Hellenistic period. They made up the name Jesus (strong’s 2424). Jesus stems from the Greek work Iēsous which means Jehovah is Salvation according to Strong’s Lexicon. It is pronounced ē-ā-sü’s. Sounds close to ZEUS huh? Many speculate that is where its origin came from but through our research their is not substantial proof of that part of the equation.

In Hebrew HIS name would be HaMashiach Yeshua which means the Messiah of Salvation. How does one get Jesus from the root word Yehowshuwa which is correctly translated into English as Joshua?  Technically speaking if you wanted an “ENGLISH” version of our Messiah’s name it would be Joshua not Jesus. Joshua has the same Hebrew name and it got translated to Joshua yet when it comes to our Messiah, HIS name got translated to Jesus.

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Paganism in the Church

There are many verses that tell us that Yahweh’s Law is forever. In fact every Feast Day is commanded to celebrate FOREVER yet most of Christianity has “CHOSE” to celebrate man made holidays.  There are no verses that tell us “Just follow these things until the Messiah comes and goes and then you can do whatever you want”.  Keeping this in mind the “WAY” we worship our Elohim is also commanded and when we don’t do it HIS “WAY” we are failing HIM.  We are not supposed to do it “OUR” way.

Here is an example of two brothers thinking they are doing the right thing yet failing.

Leviticus 10:1-2  Now Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, each took his censer and put fire in it and laid incense on it and offered “strange” fire before the Lord, which he had not commanded them. 2 And fire came out from before the Lord and consumed them, and they died before the Lord

Think about that for a minute.  When a temple worships Ashtoreth aka Easter, green evergreens aka Christmas (winter solstice) they forsake the Torah (HIS Divine Instructions).  The temples that teach those things are offering up “strange fire” to our Elohim.  They are defiled temples. Many churches of today have giant crosses and statues of our Messiah in the building in which both are commanded never to do.  Many churches have become the church of the hypocrites by having offering plates passed around (Tithing) which comes from the Old Testament yet they teach we don’t have to follow the Old Testament stuff as it is only for the Jews.  Don’t get us wrong, not all Churches (Temples) are like that but 99% of them are.  Does your Church have a steeple?  If so, do you know what a steeple is?  If not click here and learn about steeples.  Most churches no longer teach Truth but rather teach a bunch of man made doctrine feeding their memeber LIES.  To allow our children to learn the lie is worse than not even telling them the Truth.  The way worship is taught in modern day Christianity is a way of worshipping HIM that HE has not asked for.  Take for instance Christmas and Easter as we mentioned earlier.  A believer that studies the scriptures can clearly see our Elohim does not want us to make up holidays or take pagan holidays and make them for HIMHE has already put in place on what days we are to celebrate.  To adopt a pagan celebration and try to make it mean something else is only for “man’s reasoning” and not HISHE has given us examples of what happens to those that worship HIM in the way the pagans did.  In fact, before they even started conquering land HE warned us to NEVER worship HIM in the way the pagans worshipped their gods.

Deuteronomy 12:29-32 When the Lord your God cuts off from before you the nations which you go to dispossess, and you displace them and dwell in their land, take heed to yourself that you are not ensnared to follow them, after they are destroyed from before you, and that you do not inquire after their gods, saying, “How did these nations serve their gods? I also will do likewise.” You shall not worship the Lord your God in that way; for every abomination to the Lord which He hates they have done to their gods; for they burn even their sons and daughters in the fire to their gods. Whatever I command you, be careful to observe it; you shall not add to it nor take away from it.

It is abundantly clear that our Elohim wants us to worship HIM in HIS way not our way and absolutely not in a way that pagans worshipped their gods.  We, as believers in TRUTH, have to get man’s tradition out of HIS worship.  Everybody says “That’s not what it means to me”.  Have you ever stopped to think that none of this is about us?  It is about HIM and HE put things in place for HIS own name’s sake not ours.

Psalm 106:8 Yet he saved them for his own name’s sake, to make known his mighty power.

When it comes down to it we have to ask ourselves if what we are doing has scriptural backing or man’s backing.  Everything about most churches comes from paganism.  We have just been misled over the last 2000+ years into thinking what we are taught is okay.  We are commanded to not have repetitious prayer, images of our Messiah, and constructing Obelisks on our buildings.  The church has failed us and now is the time to restore HIS sacred text before we stray even further.

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Bible Statistics

Biblical Statistics Lesson

Did you know that when Jesus or the Taught Ones spoke of Scripture they were referring to the Old Testament as the New Testament wasn’t around at the time. Have you ever wondered how much of the New Testament is actually new?  Well, wonder no more.

The Bible consist of 66 Books of which 39 of them come from the Old Testament. That is 59% of the entire Bible. Why would anyone believe or teach to throw out 59% of Yahweh’s words. Let’s take it one step further. We know that the New Testament quotes or refers to the Old Testament about 4000+ times. Keeping that statistic in the mix, and removing credit to those quotes from the New Testament and adding credit to those to the Old Testament, that means the Old Testament encompasses roughly 74% of the entire Bible.

This brings us to the same question. Why would anyone believe or teach to do away with 74%+ of entire Bible because the Messiah died and supposedly we don’t have to do any of that stuff anymore. We have all been misled and it’s time to right the wrong. Yeshua (Jesus) didn’t die for us so we could throw away 74% of what was put in place for us. HE died for one reason and one reason only. To allow us to come before the judgment seat as we will never be worthy enough to do it alone. It’s time to “claim” your spot on the seat of judgment through Faith in Yeshua (Jesus) and obedience to HIS commands.

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Yahweh’s (God’s) Law vs Rabbinical Law example

There is a difference between Yahweh’s Law given to Mosheh and Rabbinical Law created throughout time and documented in the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmud.

Here is an example: Numbers 15:37-39 Tassels on Garments   The Lord said to Moses, “Speak to the people of Israel, and tell them to make tassels on the corners of their garments throughout their generations, and to put a co…rd of blue on the tassel of each corner. And it shall be a tassel for you to look at and remember all the commandments of the Lord, to do them, not to follow after your own heart and your own eyes, which you are inclined to whore after.

The lesson to learn here is the difference between what Rabbinical Law teaches and what Yahweh teaches. Rabbinicaltzittzit Law demands the “BLUE DYE” used to color the thread in the tassels (TzitTzit) is to come from a snail referred to as Chilazon.   There is not one verse in the Bible that commands the use of a certain snail for the coloring of the blue thread. Jewish Law (aka Rabbinical Law) commands there is a certain snail that has to be used to make the blue thread. Our Messiah came and did away with all this Rabbinical Law while establishing HIS Father’s Law called Torah. The Torah does not command us to use a certain snail for the coloring of the blue thread to make the tassels. We have to learn there is a difference between “HIS LAW” and “JEWISH LAW” and not disregard HIS Law because we think or we are taught it is Jewish.  The traditions of man (Rabbinical Law) even went so far as to not have the “Commanded” blue thread when the snail could no longer be found.  They actually believed it went extinct.  They chose to disobey Yahweh’s Law.  They then started putting the blue thread on their TzitTzit  when they learned the snail wasn’t extinct and became available again.  It is important that we learn the difference between HIS commands and Jewish Law.

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Boston Bombing 2013

BostonWe don’t usually watch any news. We don’t usually post pics of people. With that being said we feel everyone should stare at this pic for a bit. In the background you have HaSatan (the enemy) in a white hat. If you look down on the ground… HaSatan (the enemy) has dropped a backpack with a bomb in it. Take a good look.  HaSatan (the enemy) can manifest himself in any form he wants.  He is all around us.  He is the authority of the air.

(By Grace Through Faith) Ephesians 2:1-3  And you were dead in the trespasses and sins in which you once walked, following the course of this world, FOLLOWING THE PRINCE OF THE POWER OF THE AIR, the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience— among whom we all once lived in the passions of our flesh, carrying out the desires of the body and the mind, and were by nature children of wrath, like the rest of mankind.

Towards the forefront of the picture circled in blue is the boy who lost his life due to the enemy’s work. Up to the point of the explosion everyone in that picture is excited and smiling. One second of time changed the life of everyone in this picture. ONE SECOND!!! There is no way for any of us to prevent everything all the time. All we can do is have Faith and know we are protected by HIM. Although that boy has lost his life, he is now peacefully resting waiting for the day our Messiah will bring him into the Kingdom. That child will get into the Kingdom as HE has always told us to be like the children.

Events like this “TEST” our Faith on a daily basis. Events like this “TEST” our ability to promote our Savior as protecting and loving. Events like this “TEST” everyone involved. We just have to remember that no matter what happens, HE will be there in the end if we have Faith in HIM and try our best to follow in HIS commandments. We can’t imagine what emotional scars were developed by all those involved but we do know whom can heal them and his name is HaMashiach Yeshua.

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Does Faith get us into Heaven

Does Faith alone get us into the Kingdom? We know HE says we are saved by Grace and that Faith is what we must have. Does this mean we can be disobedient and not follow HIS LAW because it got nailed to the cross??? Let’s go back and look at the beginning.

When the Israelites where let out of Egypt, Yahweh (God) promised to send death to the 1st born Male child of the Egyptians. He then gave a command!!!

Exodus 12:23 Take a bunch of hyssop and dip it in the blood that is in the basin, and touch the lintel and the two doorposts with the blood that is in the basin. None of you shall go out of the door of his house until the morning. 23 For the Lord will pass through to strike the Egyptians, and when he sees the blood on the lintel and on the two doorposts, the Lord will pass over the door and will not allow the destroyer to enter your houses to strike you.

FOLKS!!! CHECK THAT OUT!!! Read again and look at what happened. We all know they had FAITH but they were also given a command. If the Israelites did not have belief that Faith includes obedience then they would not have put the blood on the doorpost. We know they did believe in HIM and they had Faith in HIM but they were not saved on their Faith alone, they were saved on their obedience through their Faith to the command of putting blood on the doorpost. They didn’t base their salvation on the fact that they believed because the LAMB was SLAIN!!! Get that??? If they would have just said “We have Faith HE won’t harm us” and failed to put the blood on the door posts their 1st born male sons would have been consumed.

Our Lamb has been slain. HIS name was HaMashiach Yeshua = The Messiah of Salvation. We can’t and shouldn’t base our belief in salvation because the LAMB was slain. We should base our belief in salvation by our Faith and OBEDIENCE to HIS Torah (Law).

How powerful is that? Did you see that just as we did? In the beginning they all had to have Faith. The entire Old Testament tests their Faith over and over again and yet they were Faithfully obedient to HIS commands and not just 10 of them.

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