To our young boys

From the day you were born we knew you both were kind
We love how you’ve both grown and kept God on your mind
You’re children born of God and HE will always be there
To protect you during your life when life doesn’t seem fair
Always follow the guiding voice you will hear in your head
It is the voice of TRUTH and pray to HIM before you go to bed
There will be some that come along and try to lead you astray
But follow in HIS path and that is where you should stay
HE will hear your prayers and please don’t ever forget
To thank HIM for everything you have and erasing your debt
Eventually there will come a time that we are no longer around
Remember the lessons we gave about God and you will be found
There will be times in your life that the world’s people will judge
Remember to follow all HIS commands in Truth and never budge
Always show love to the ones that hurt you as they just don’t know
That God is inside of you watching you and them grow
When the day comes that you get to see HIM face to face
Will be the day you realize the meaning of the word GRACE
Stay true to yourself and God; never waiver in your belief
In the end our God will wipe away all of your grief
We love you boys more than you can even know
But no love is better than the love that God shows

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