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Biblical Statistics Lesson

Did you know that when Jesus or the Taught Ones spoke of Scripture they were referring to the Old Testament as the New Testament wasn’t around at the time. Have you ever wondered how much of the New Testament is actually new?  Well, wonder no more.

The Bible consist of 66 Books of which 39 of them come from the Old Testament. That is 59% of the entire Bible. Why would anyone believe or teach to throw out 59% of Yahweh’s words. Let’s take it one step further. We know that the New Testament quotes or refers to the Old Testament about 4000+ times. Keeping that statistic in the mix, and removing credit to those quotes from the New Testament and adding credit to those to the Old Testament, that means the Old Testament encompasses roughly 74% of the entire Bible.

This brings us to the same question. Why would anyone believe or teach to do away with 74%+ of entire Bible because the Messiah died and supposedly we don’t have to do any of that stuff anymore. We have all been misled and it’s time to right the wrong. Yeshua (Jesus) didn’t die for us so we could throw away 74% of what was put in place for us. HE died for one reason and one reason only. To allow us to come before the judgment seat as we will never be worthy enough to do it alone. It’s time to “claim” your spot on the seat of judgment through Faith in Yeshua (Jesus) and obedience to HIS commands.

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