Halloween and All Saints Day

Halloween or All Hollows Eve is the night before All Saints Day.  All Hollows Eve is Oct. 31st and All Saints Day is November 1st.  It is supposed to be a night when the dead can reunite with the living according to Ancient Celtic tradition.  The Roman Catholic church then adopted the practice to uproot the pagan celebration and make it their own for all the Saints and Martyrs that passed away.

We can’t find anywhere in our Bibles that we are commanded to make up a celebration/feast day for any human being.  Why has man turned from celebrating HIS Feast Days, replaced some of them, forgot about most of them, and now has created man made feast days.   Why don’t we just stick with what is taught in the scriptures.  Some say because Paul said we don’t have to do that anymore.  Do you really believe that Paul had the power or mindset to undo Yahweh’s commands?  Do you truly believe that our Elohim would have taught Paul a different Gospel than HE taught all the other Disciples?  If you do believe Paul changed the Gospel to go against HIS commands then you have been misled by false teachers.

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