Marcion, the man behind the lie.

We have posted about him many times and talked about him for countless hours.  You want to know who or whom was the first to separate Old and New Testament?  You want to know who or whom separated Christianity from following anything from the Old Covenant?

His name was MARCION.  He started Marcionism. He taught to accept Yeshua and reject the God of Israel.  He taught that Yahweh was cruel and unmerciful.  He taught Yeshua was the opposite of Yahweh.  Think about that.  We are still taught the theory to separate the Testaments.

Marcion was born around 57-58 A.D.  Marcion’s theology didn’t gain ground until late 1st Century / early 2nd Century. His message was widely accepted by Samaritans and all the pagan communities.  By 122/123 A.D. his fame had spread across the ancient world with hundreds of thousands of converts to this new- pragmatic, simplified philosophy.  The Roman Catholic church states they excommunicated him but that story is highly debated.  Even today his theology holds true throughout all of Christianity.  The splitting of OLD vs NEW is taught everywhere.  Through our research we believe he set the FOUNDATION for Roman Catholicism and taught against Orthodox Christians.  He was one bad man.  Although he felt he was teaching the Gospel of Christ the right way, he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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