Romans 15:1-4 (Paul supports “The Law”)

There are often times we are lead to believe that Paul was against the Torah.  We are often taught Paul meant the opposite of what he wrote and taught.  We have even heard people say they believe that Paul struggled with Torah so much that it was a internally perpetual battle to  him.  Many people often read Paul’s writings and twist them to show that the Torah no longer exists.  We are even warned about twisting Paul’s words by Peter as it was already happening around 64-68AD when he wrote this verse (2 Peter 3:16).  Think about that.  As much as we struggle sometimes with what Paul is talking about, they were already twisting his words in the first century.  Do you think Paul would teach against Torah at any point in his life?  Paul was a Torah observant Jewish leader; technically he was a Pharisee.  If you didn’t know, Paul came from a sect of Judaism called “THE WAY”.  He was a descendant from the Tribe of Benjamin and never walked with Yeshua.  He had a vision on the road to Damascus and was converted into Faith in Yeshua.  Up to the point of that vision, Paul, was a Pharisee.  He believed that those following the Messiah should all be captured and punished for Blasphemy against Yahweh.  We have a study showing that Torah is still alive today here.

This article is not about that though.  This article is just showing that Paul gives a strong supportive statement about Torah in (Romans 15:1-4).  Right off the bat Paul tells us to help those that are weak.  In fact, Paul says “we” which includes himself (Romans 15:1).  Paul is saying that we (anyone who is strong in Faith) are obligated to help the weak.  We have a moral obligation to give them our love and we must carry the weak for their lack of strength and be patient. We must make sure our actions do not cause others consciences to weaken.  This is one reason we have this website.  We don’t put this information out there to promote our knowledge.  We do it to maybe help someone find HIM and for those that have found HIM maybe they can get a deeper message from our research.  Think about it in a literal way.  Yeshua was much stronger in every way than HIS own disciples yet he was patient with their weaknesses and guided them into spiritual maturity.   Notice that Paul says that the disapproval of those that disapprove of us falls on Yeshua (Romans 15:3) as in our neighbors that get persecuted we should bear the persecution for them.  Keep that in mind.  Many will disapprove of us as believers.  Don’t let it bother you.  We as believers actually have to find solace in our persecution from others (Matthew 5:11-12).  We also have to realize we are not to persecute others.  We are to spread the Gospel and plant the seeds; HE will make them grow!!!  In (Romans 15:4) Paul tells us that the things that were written in the former days were for our instructions.  This is showing us that the “instructions – Torah” are good for us.  Do not believe people if they tell you that “old” things were done away with.  It is mentioned many times that the Torah is for our own good and we should follow it in Faith just like in (Romans 15:4)

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  1. doug

    Don’t you know that when you offer yourselves to someone to obey him as slaves, you are slaves to the one whom you obey— whether you are slaves to sin, which leads to death, or to obedience, which leads to righteousness? (Rom. 6:16

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