What is Jesus’ real name?

Did you know that Joshua, Isaiah, and Jesus all have the same root name?

Yĕhowshuwa, Yeshua, Yashua, Yĕsha`yah, Y’shua…all sorts of spellings but all the same translation.

From our research we believe the Greeks translators messed up HIS name along the way. There were four different versions of Greek before they used “Koine” Greek as the Bible translation which is a different dialect that ca…me to be during the Hellenistic period. They made up the name Jesus (strong’s 2424). Jesus stems from the Greek work Iēsous which means Jehovah is Salvation according to Strong’s Lexicon. It is pronounced ē-ā-sü’s. Sounds close to ZEUS huh? Many speculate that is where its origin came from but through our research their is not substantial proof of that part of the equation.

In Hebrew HIS name would be HaMashiach Yeshua which means the Messiah of Salvation. How does one get Jesus from the root word Yehowshuwa which is correctly translated into English as Joshua?  Technically speaking if you wanted an “ENGLISH” version of our Messiah’s name it would be Joshua not Jesus. Joshua has the same Hebrew name and it got translated to Joshua yet when it comes to our Messiah, HIS name got translated to Jesus.

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2 thoughts on “What is Jesus’ real name?

  1. Bobby

    I guess i dont understand. I was once told “its not about what you say, its how others percieve what you say”

    All im saying is. What? I dont understand what you have told us. Why are you telling us this? Does it mean anything? Or is it just a matter for curiosity? What are your sources (validity)? And by all means, does this pertain to our salvation? Im confused I guess is all. Meh.

  2. Biblical Truth Post author

    In our opinion we don’t care what anybody calls our Messiah when calling upon HIM. We just think as one gets more into studying things they will uncover many lies and then start asking themselves, “Why were we taught this or that”. That was the point of this post on this subject. SO many get caught up in this sort of stuff that we just wanted to put some facts out there.

    We believe it is “What” you say. Take for instance as YHVH (God) is talking to Mosheh (Moses) about the Pharaoh and the plagues and gives Mosheh (Moses) instructions on Exactly what to say. This happens all over in the Old Testament and even our Messiah sometimes said “Go tell” and then gave specific instructions. Perception isn’t always reality.

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