A thought about THE LAW (Torah)

THE LAW!!! If the Torah (Law) has been done away with why does HE tell us to follow his commands and precepts set in place since the beginning of the Bible?In today’s terms if our local municipal law enforcement caught us doing something wrong they can lock us up in a jail cell. Technically breaking any part of the local laws is considered wrong. If we were in jail and the Sheriff came to t…alk to us, we would no longer be subject to the Law as the Sheriff could decide our fate. HE could “set us free”. Does this mean the Sheriff would let us out of jail and say “I am setting you free and I don’t care if you keep on disobeying the law“? By no means could that EVER happen. If the Sheriff set us free and then caught us disobeying the law he would lock us up again.

Yeshua (Jesus) is the Sheriff and HE has set us free from being condemned by the Torah (Law). Just as the Sheriff would expect us to follow the local laws, Yeshua (Jesus) expects us to follow Torah since the moment HE “freed us” by dying for us. The difference is we have the ability to repent for breaking HIS law. This does not mean we are free to quit following the Torah (Law). HE set those precepts in place to help lead us to living a “clean” life and be an example to others. We are often taught through mis-interpretations of Paul’s writtings that the (Torah) Law is gone. Remember this verse:

Romans 3:31 Do we then nullify the Torah through the belief (In Yeshua)? Let it not be! On the contrary, we establish the (Torah) Law.

Quick tid bit: the Word Law comes from the Greek word NOMOS. Technically the word Torah does not mean Law but we have been misled by the Greeks into believeing it does. The word Torah (1st Five books of the Old Testament) means INSTRUCTIONS. In the very expressive HEBREW language it is an term in archery that the archer aims for. In English that would be the BULLSEYE. SO let’s restate that.

Torah = Instructions = The mark we should aim for!!!!

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