The Tribe of Judah

We are often taught that doing things HIS way as commanded is Jewish. This includes but not limited to following the Feast Days, Dietary Law, and other commands/precepts we are often taught don’t apply to Christians. We have this short summary of who the Jews are and where they came from.

Abraham fathered Isaac then Isaac fathered Jacob. Jacob fathered 12 Sons of which each son led a Tribe.The 12 Tribes of Israel are the names of Jacob’s 12 Twelve sons. Almost every Christian has been taught that following anything out of the Old Testament is Jewish except Tithing (Giving money to the Church) which is one command the “CHURCH” teaches is still in effect.

The Tribe of Judah is where the religion of Judaism came from. The only thing Jewish about the 12 Tribes is the Tribe of Judah. Technically speaking the Tribe of Benjamin lost it’s identity and blended into the Tribe of Judah. The other 10 Tribes were not Jewish and even the Tribe of Judah wasn’ttribemap considered Jewish until around 250 BCE. ALL 12 Tribes followed in Yahweh’s commands. After King Solomon pissed off Yahweh for following after Ashtoreth, Yahweh then spread the Tribes across the world leaving The Tribe of Judah behind because of HIS devotion to David, Solomon’s father. As time went on the Tribe of Judah started to instill their man-made doctrine into HIS Torah/Law and teach it as scriptural much like Christianity has done today.

Recap: In the beginning all 12 Tribes followed HIS commands and precepts and one of those Tribes changed it over time. We now associate all the wrong doing of one Tribe called “Tribe of Judah” or Jews with every Tribe even though all the other Tribes did it HIS way. Remember if is wasn’t for the so called “Jews” we wouldn’t even know his promise. Most also associate anything done in a Biblical way like celebrating a Feast Day as Jewish. It would be the same as calling someone from Texas a Missourian. While we are all American we aren’t all the same just like all the Tribes that were Israeli were from one father but they weren’t all the same.

Other thoughts: There are some “technicalities” not mentioned but this is more of a “overview” of the Tribes. Technically it is well understood that the sceptre went to Judah and was handed down through the Jews. King David was from the tribe of Judah. All succeeding kings of David’s dynasty were of the House of David, tribe of Judah. Yeshua was born of the House of David and the tribe of Judah. Mosheh came from the Tribe of Levi which was scattered throughout all of the other Tribes. Many believe the Torah of Yahweh given to Mosheh is Jewish Law. This is impossible because Mosheh wasn’t from the Tribe that Judaism was born. Again, Mosheh was from the Tribe of Levi and they had NO inheritance but the other Tribes had to supply them with what they needed. This is where Tithing comes from. SO MUCH TO LEARN from the TRIBES yet most have never been taught it. If we understand HIS Tribes it helps us to understand what happened to HIS Torah. Interesting point to make is that in Revelations 7:5-8 John never mentions the Tribe of Dan in the 12,000 sealed from the 12 Tribes. Some speculate the Anti-Christ will come from that Tribe.


For the most part, most Christians believe they are just Gentiles. If you see our teachings, we show the word Gentile isn’t even a word in Hebrew. It was the Greek’s way of trying to translate “other” nations. The true word is Goy(singular) or Goyim(Plural) which means other nation(s). We are all descended from one of the twelve Tribes.

That doesn’t even matter. What matters is that once you have belief in our Messiah, you are then subject to HIS rules and regulations. Once you claim to have Faith in Yeshua, you are part of the House of Israel; part of the covenant. This in turn makes you part of HIS people which means we have to follow HIS laws.  To say it is Jewish to celebrate a Feast Day would be the same as saying it is Ruebenish, Ephraimish, Simeonish, Asherish, (all different tribes) etc… IF everybody would understand the Tribes they would see we have all been misled by believing that Yahweh doesn’t care whether or not we keep his Commands/Feast Days/etc… This is the “great falling” of Christianity in our opinion. Most believers are shown all sorts of false teachings about Paul’s letters to the Galatians, Romans, and Ephesians and taught that Paul struggled with the Torah, did away with it, and told us to not worry about people judging us for not doing any of it.

If ALL scripture is inspired/written by Yahweh how is it possible that Paul did away with anything. WE see time and time again that HE does not change and we also see that Yeshua live perfectly in Torah. HE was a Kosher Jew to the letter. HE taught us how to be Torah Observant and 70 years or so after he died they started teaching it all wrong again. In fact we are warned by (2 Peter 3:16).

A timeline of events: 722 BCE the nation of Judah was populated with Israelites from Judah, Bejamain, Shimeon, some of Levi, and many from all of the other tribes as well… While most of the Tribes were spread across the Globe, eventually the “JEWS” (Tribe of Judah) were put in Babylonian Captivity… Fast forward to about 250 BCE and this is where the Sadducees, Pharisees, and Rabinnical LAW began..167 BCE the Maccabees retake the Temple from Greco Syrian control. So looking at timelines, Rabinnical Law had existed for only 250+ years or so before the Christians starting teaching Christian law in the 1st century and it has existed for almost 2000 years of which both are leading us down the path of destruction according to the Scriptures.

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