Our children need the TRUTH

As time goes on and generational curse after generational curse affects us, we have to come to the decision to search DEEP into the Bible and find out what HE commands us to do.  WE can break this curse.  WE have to stay steadfast in our devotion to following HIS commands.  As a Christian we already have the FAITH part covered.  The next step in the process is to start doing things HIS way as commanded.  WE teach our children the TRUTH.  It is very hard sometimes and there are days that go by when we have an empty feeling inside because we have chose to quit following in the traditions of men that we were so attached to.  The things we have been taught are very hard to let go of.  WE know how it is.  WE still struggle with it sometimes yet we see the feedback we get and the “CHANGE” our friends and family around us are making.  There is nothing more rewarding than somebody contacting us and letting us know they have started to celebrate a FEAST DAY because of the research we post.  Believe us when we tell you that if you are following us and starting to realize what we have been taught over the years from our “RELIGION” is not what HE intended causing you to make changes, you will be rewarded.  HE will hear you and you will know immediately you are on the right path.

We need to realize that we have to put down our “RELIGION” and pick up our BIBLES.  This is the only way we will find the TRUTH and from our experience it will TRULY set you FREE.   We can no longer allow our children to be misled.  We need to teach our children the path that HE commanded our ancestors should take.  We can make a difference.  When we start to make the changes necessary to please HIM it is expected that society will point fingers.  We promise you that others will say you are Jewish or a Legalist.  They will continue following their “Religion” and close their eyes and ears.  Remember we are not here to point fingers, we are here to plant seeds.  The seeds will then grow.  If you don’t think it’s possible, we have proof that it is.  We have very close friends and family that have never once spoke about our Messiah to us that have recently started asking questions and changing how they go about their walk with HIM.  It’s AMAZING and it’s happening right in front of us at this very moment in our lives.

“Always Learning”
Biblical Truth

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