Messianic Judaism vs Christianity

According to Wikipedia Messianic Judaism is:

A term used generally describe someone who holds to the belief that Jesus is the Messiah and who embraces “the covenantal responsibility of Jewish life and identity rooted in Torah, expressed in tradition, and renewed and applied in the context of the New Covenant”. “Messianic Judaism” is a relatively new term, coined as recently as 1895 to help separate the practices of its followers from those of common Christianity as a whole, and in order to more closely align its faith with that of biblical and historical Judaism that was historical 1st century Christianity.

Often people want to label us here at Biblical Truth as Messianic Jews. Well notice it says that Messianic Jews are rooted in Torah (good) expressed in tradition (bad). That is the problem and always will be. TRADITIONS… There are commands in the Bible not traditions. We try to do the commands and eliminate any tradition.  Messianics adhere to the Talmud (Babylonian/Jerusalem Talmuds) which is oral and written traditions of Rabbis over the centuries but have faith in our Messiah. We as Christians know we are saved by Faith alone but then we as Christians squawk at the fact that a believer in the Messiah is following the Torah (divine instructions from Yahweh). Most of Christianity and most of Messianic Judaism follow traditions taught by man as time has gone on.  Both religions are stuck on following the traditions of men while believing and having faith in the Messiah. Messianic Jews follow Talmud (Jewish Traditions) and most Christians follow the Church (man’s tradition).

Dig in and look up if what you celebrate is commanded. You will be surprised. You will also find that everything Yahweh has told us to do has been thrown away since the end of the 1st Century. Speaking of 1st Century, notice in the opening statement it says that Biblical and historical Judaism was 1st Century Christianity.  Notice that it also says Judaism.  That is because Judaism (Talmud following) became the norm for the Tribe of Judah (Jews) and that is what Yeshua exposed.  Paul was a Jew but from the Tribe of Benjamin.  Actually more specifically he was a Pharisee.  He realized that we should not be following the Rabbinical Law (Talmud) but only follow Yahweh’s law (Torah).  Paul also had faith in the Messiah.  The oral and written traditions of Judaism (Talmud) are not to be followed but we are to follow HIS commands.

We are told by Yeshua we should never add or subtract anything from HIS commands (Matthew 5:18).  The Jews are famous for adding to HIS commands but at least they adhered to them from the beginning.  The Christians are famous for subtracting from HIS commands.  That leaves us to ponder the question, which is worse adding to them or subtracting from them?  In our opinion they probably are equally the same except when you subtract you never knew the Truth.  The Jewish religion doesn’t believe in our Messiah.  That is worse than anything.  In mainstream Christianity we have used what is called “Replacement theology”.  This is when man decides to replace commanded Holy Days with man’s tradition and this is the great failing of the Church and Christianity.  While the Jewish religion lacks faith in the Messiah, Christianity has taught to throw away most of HIS commands.

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